Wonder Woman- a side kick?

OK so walk into my English classroom and I look up on the board. There is a list of side kicks up on the board. The first one up there is Wonder Woman. SHE IS NOT A SIDEKICK! They didn’t have robin which is who I think of when I think of sidekicks, or speedy or anyone like that. She is her own independent superhero. She even has her own sidekick. Does it make anyone else angry or just me?


Clearly that list was created by someone ignorant.

That’s like a child saying a woman on the street is fat when really she’s just pregnant.

That woman doesn’t get angry at the child.
She might chuckle a bit and throw a smile.

But why would she get angry?

Silly child.
They just don’t know any better.


Wonder Woman is nobody’s sidekick.

The person that wrote that is a touch ignorant of the character. Who’d they say she was a sidekick to?

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Wonder Woman is too badass to be anyone’s sidekick, but she does have sidekicks of her own.

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I have seen similar claims before. Also about Supergirl being referred to as Superman’s sidekick. I think it comes from an attempt to reduce the importance of female heroes. People who make such claims don’t know what a sidekick is.

It’s pointless really. It only makes them look ignorant and quite honestly like douchebags.


Of course there are some exceptions, but you could just write on the board Teen Titans, slam down the marker and yell “Boom”.

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@vroom they didn’t say, but probably like batman or superman

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I think it was a freshmen that said it because we didn’t discuss it in my class

Yeah… sounds like a list by people who are pretty uninformed about actual comic books. While superheroes rule pop culture now, a majority of people have no reference for them outside of movies and TV shows. I can see someone watching BvS or the Justice League films and thinking of Wonder Woman as a sidekick. But hopefully as these characters become more permeated in pop culture their histories are more defined to the populace.

Why the heck would they think Wonder Woman is a sidekick!?!?!?

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Wonder Woman is her own woman she would never ever take orders from a man unless it was Zeus but even then she still has a hard time listening to him!!

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