Wonder Woman #800 Variant Cover D?

I love DC, but I am not able to buy every variant cover of every issue I want so I look at all the covers available and decide which one to put in my pull. My shop’s deadline for Wonder Woman #800 is this Saturday at noon, but I can’t find anywhere on the internet that has the cover for BILQUIS EVELY’s variant.

Sadly, this is a reoccurring issue with DC. If an issue only has one cover, then my choice is to order it or not. If an issue has multiple covers to choose from, it makes it difficult to choose a cover when I can’t see all the covers.

Does anyone have this cover so I can decide which one I’m getting? I’d really appreciate it. Thanks.


saw this ww 800 variant by bilquist evely on leagueofcomicgeeks and the twitter of bilquis evely, also the twitter of wonderwoman:


Thanks so much!!

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