Wonder Woman #770 Begins a D&D Style Campaign with A Squirrel As A Guide...Seriously

There’s a Princess of Themyscira in the Halls of Asgard. Yes, you read that correctly. In this week’s Wonder Woman #770, Diana finds herself swapping Greek mythology for Norse, drinking and dueling with the gods and goddesses of the Vikings. It’s a pretty strange switch-up, especially strange when you consider that Diana is there… because she’s dead.

Crafting this inter-mythological tale is the team of Becky Cloonan and Michael W. Conrad on script, Travis Moore on art, Tamra Bonvillain on colors, and Pat Brosseau on letters. If you’re a fan of Diana’s, you’ll probably recognize this writing team that brought her into DC’s Future State with Immortal Wonder Woman.

Ahead of Wonder Woman #770’s release, Newsarama got the chance to chat with writers Cloonan and Conrad about this exciting and mystifying chapter in Wonder Woman’s story. Check out what they had to say.

And check out the preview of Wonder Woman #770 below!


Well, I am now lol. That was great.


Really enjoyed the team’s first issue. A cool story and great art from Travis G. Moore! I also thought the backup story was fun. Excited to see where this book goes!




I just read this today, and really liked it! I haven’t read a ton of Wonder Woman (yet) but I enjoyed the story and art and am definitely looking forward to seeing what happens next. :slight_smile: