Wonder Woman 3 Is Canceled

Feeling so badly for Diana fans like Queen @Razzzcat @SteveTrevor2.0 and @Angel212.
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Plans that can be vetoed if the :moneybag: outlay isn’t in line with spending expectations.


Shocker ( sarcasm ) to W,W 3 being canceled. Another brilliant decision by people who obviously know nothing about what fans of comics want. Or just flat out do not care.

I got the feeling in the end no matter if James Gunn or any true DC fan that becomes in charge of things in regards to the movie aspect of DC Warn Bro execs will find a way to screw it up.

Let us just be thankful that for the time being the physical stories and characters of DC Comics in print and digital comics, are not being mucked with by Warner Bros Execs.

I honestly hope that one day a filthy rich DC Comics fan is able to buy out the rights to DC comics and movies, and hires all the comic book nerds they can find to keep things awesome.


Supposedly, what I am seeing being reported - without specifically addressing costs for any movies named checked here or elsewhere, financial costs of movie are not being that miserly that money alone is a deciding factor.

I am also with the people that assume this means that they rejected the ideas Jenkins presented (and yes, apparently this was another co-written by Cereal Lord treatment). I can assume since Jenkins and Gadot both got paid extra profit participation money as if Wonder Woman 1984 had been released theatrically and turned a profit (which it did not), that this could also conceivably and quite frankly be bargaining to get them to either accept lower upfront salaries or accept lower profit participation or profit participation restructured, partially on the basis that they were paid more for the second movie? I honestly don’t know but studios have done precisely this with both television contracts and sequels. Marvel Studios, for example, prior to the Russo brothers, had gone through a lot of different directors, and besides them, they really haven’t had any one person direct more than two movie so far, IIRC, besides Favreau. And besides RDJ, no one has really been making out like a bandit as far as the cast goes, considering the amount of money those movies make.

We will probably hear more definitive news towards the end of the month.


It is not apparent. It is confirmed co written by Johns.


Apparently, that is plainly evident in the seemingly obvious and yet patently unmistakable sense of apparent.


Apparently not parently so unnapparently I parentalate.




I feel like no one knows whats going on at WB or with DC Films right now! I personally don’t trust any gossip entertainment sites put out, but hopefully we get some concrete information about the future of DC films from Gunn himself, because right now things feel like a mess and that there’s no real plan beyond the 2023 releases.

But yeah hopefully we get some real news from Gunn soon!




It’s an older tweet from mid-November, but Gunn has said about this kind of stuff that “anyone who says they know anything about the future DCU is bulls**ting, because right now that’s truly only me and Peter [Safron].”


Thank You for the Winnie. Nona moments are always appreciated.

It was impossible for WW2 to make money in theaters. They weren’t open. They usually talk about LA and New York, but they weren’t open here, either.

It was a near total shutdown.

WW3 was ordered and approved by HBO Max in many essential ways. But now its back in the movie departments ballpark, for good or ill. Unlike other recent events, this isn’t that unususal. There’s nothing to stop Patty Jenkins from giving a new pitch. There’s nothing really to stop Patty Jenkins from trying her old pitch again. What’s most likely is that Gunn and company will give their pitch to directors, where Patty will be near the top, or the top. Well, hopefully anyway, she’s earned that much.

Unfortunately, thsi Zaslov idiot has opened the floodgates of running the short game to please a handful of stock holders who are already rich-- and a handful of exectutives who who want to stop losing their bonuses while people with much small paychecks and major and minor projects get tossed in the shuffle. An archaic shortgame that never really proved to work out all that well in the past. The industry is flooded, when you jump to the shortgame, much of your over spending becomes loss, and you have to deal with that. EXCEPT-- cutting loses money, too, with no long game to explain how you are getting back.


I don’t believe the headline either, I’m more suspicious than anything, but I hope we don’t lose Wonder Woman or patty


And two cuts of Justice League, wherein Ms. Gadot was quite the star.


James Gunn just released a statement on Twitter regarding the article that started it all:

There’s a whole line of tweets, but if you don’t want to read them all:


Wasn’t referring to a box office take in my comment. :+1:

This^^^ :raised_hands:



As someone who worked in the edges of the entertainment industry some years back, I just want to somewhat defend Variety and and The Hollywood Reporter. Both are considered industry trades and they frequently break actual, legitimate news. Deadline started as one woman’s newsletter and became (and remains) only a website that frequently broke legitimate news but also trafficked in blind item stories and was, sometimes wrong, but that was in the 1990s and, coincidentally, that woman left the site some years back and just died, it would be unfair to tar it as just an entertainment gossip site (e.g. something like a lot of the click bait sites that exist today, or even People/US, etc.)

I used to have some connections at WBs but nearly all left in the AT&T days, but they were only indirectly studio employees (meaning they weren’t actually in production related positions because they, and the literally top c-suite suits) are really the only ones who have actual knowledge when stuff is in pre-production of what is going on with projects that aren’t yet filming or complete. The two that remain aren’t people who care about or really have direct information about the DC IP (one handles bond and insurance issues, for example).

But I can tell you that most people who work in the industry, whether they are actors, or union crew, or other behind the line crafts people (make up, PAs, camera people, art or other production staff, etc.) read and take seriously the trades, but they also know you have to parse the reporting. Saying that ‘[Jenkin’s] vision didn’t line up’ with ‘their [meaning Gunn’s and Safrin’s] plans’ is possibly quite accurate but meaningless especially given that Gunn and Safrin still have to present whatever their plans are and get buy-in/sign-off by Zaslav.

So, in that respect while Gunn’s tweet is also accurate and true, it shouldn’t be taken to mean that he and Safrin currently can say they have truly know because they don’t have total final say. I doubt Zaslav will crap on their opinions or disagree with everything they want, but I also doubt he will do exactly everything they want if he disagrees.

That said, I can totally see Zaslav wanting to not have to pay the $20M to Gadot and $12M to Jenkins, as I said elsewhere, and/or want to renegotiate that or their profit participation deal as currently written as part of any WWIII deal.


As of now, it is hard to determine what is actually true or false regarding the recent reports. I saw at least one person already point out Gunn’s response to the recent reports.

Speaking specifically regarding WW3, I would be very sad if this turns out to be one of the true reports. The first film is one of the best DC fioms ever and is a bright spot during the pre-2017 JL days. When MOS, BvS and Ayer’s SS movie were all getting mixed reviews, most people can agree this was a strong and well made movie. The sequel 1984 is for sure not like the original. Not terrible, but was lacking. I think if a third film is more like the original we would have something worthwhile.

My thoughts on all the other reports are best saved for another thread. But just my thoughts regarding WW3


Gunn’s involvement at this level frankly is the only reason why I haven’t given up on the DCEU yet. My confidence is also fortified by Safran’s presence as well. Starting out as a corporate litigator in NYC in his early days Safran then went on to producing short films for the XBox gaming platform. From there he really leveled up when he took over the reins as President of Brillstein-Grey, one of the most esteemed talent agencies in the history of showbiz. With the talent agency experience he posesses this factor suggests to me that he’s going to be very hands on where lead casting in DCEU films is concerned. Translation: look for some major casting changes to come here in the very near future.

Now, at first I was in agreement with the possibility of Gadot cameoing in other DC films if WW3 doesn’t get lensed and released. However, after some consideration in regards to the fact that she was nowhere to be found in the Peacemaker season 1 finale (neither Caville as well) whereas Momoa and (ugh) Miller were I just don’t see her being receptive to dipping in as Diana when she’s the lead of a major franchise. She, like almost every other female actor, is more interested in compiling in frame time at the feature length level as much as possible before her shelf life runs out- yes, as far as women in Tinseltown are concerned even tho things have changed somewhat many female performers are still unfairly sandbagged by the aging process. Not everybody gets a crack at longevity like Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore, Jessica Chastain, or Allison Janey. If things fall through and she and her agent don’t like what they hear in Gunn and Safran’s presentation to WB next week don’t be surprised if we see a “thanks for the wonderful memories WB” themed post in Gadot’s Twitter feed soon after. #GottaCallEmAsISeeEm


It is disappointing news, but there is still hope.