Wonder Woman 2009 Animated 😱

Just saw Wonder Woman 2009 written by Bruce Timm :muscle::raised_hands:. Good Story-telling.

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Definitely a great entry point into Diana’s world. Just for clarification, while Timm was a producer, Gail Simone and Michael Jelenic did the story for the movie, w/ Jelenic writing the screenplay


Its still better than bloodlines imo. Just like superman doomsday was better than death and reign of superman.

DC is always the best when it comes to Animated movies, aside from a few rare occasions, like the Animated version of the Killing Joke wasn’t all that good, but I loved this movie, I’m just waiting for Wonder Woman 84 so we can see a live action Cheetah finally.


I agree

I don’t care what anyone says…Artemis won that fight.

I think Steve is kinda obnoxious at times but i like that movie.

“This is but my dagger.” -Artemis being a badass


The brawl with Deimos is one of my favorite WW fight scenes!

It was my first Wonder Woman story, so I have some fondness for it. I never really felt a need to revisit it though.

It’s a brilliant movie. I need to watch it again soon. This way much better than Bloodlines, that’s the only one out of all these Movies that the department have been making for 12 years that I just couldn’t get into.

The first animated Wonder Woman movie was a stand alone whereas Bloodlines was to fit into the Flashpoint series.