Wonder Woman 1984 New Suit

Gal Gadot just revealed a new suit for Wonder Woman 1984


Wow what! She looks amazing as always!
I am trying to think of a comic where she has a suit like that. Can anyone help? I what to say I have seen her in gold armor before.


Only one that comes to mind is this one


The shape reminds me of Amazon armor mixed with Black Canary, but also this Wonder Woman costume a bit.

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The texture in the pants reminds me of Aquaman’s suit. I bet she needs all of the coverage she can get with Cheetah around.


The last time they gave Wonder Woman pants people practically rioted. Hopefully we’ve all grown as a fan community since then, because this costume looks great.

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LOL, yeah I remember. The suit/art had it tough coming after Cliff Chiang. This is probably going to be easier for the fans to accept because it’s awesome and is carried over from the same creative team.

I love Wonder Woman’s costumes that have pants.

This looks great!

I just know I’m going to be getting the action figure version and the Barbie version :joy:

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@nu52 You totally read my mind! I was just going to mention action figures of her in this suit.

I hope this look gets merchandised out the ying yang!

That looks uncomfortable


Paradoxically, I’m speechless. It’s that good. Puts the New 52 to shame.

That is absolutely horrible

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@Vroom I hope it gets merchandised out the wazoo too. Since they revealed it this early, I’m betting the action figures are already in production.

@biff_pow True. I want to see it in motion. I bet it still has more mobility than a lot of Batman suits have had in the past lol


@abfgmsw Which New 52? The one she had first or the second one? I really like this.

@DJWolfmanJBeezzy Yeah? What about it don’t you like?

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Oh wow how queer is that image! :rainbow:

Bi Diana confirmed!

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@nu52 Given the turn around time needed for action figures and the like, I’m quite confidant they’re already in development.

rubs hands together for thoughts of what SDCC will potentially bring

The one she wore in Justice League: War- Reign of the Supermen.

@abfgmsw Oh! Okay, I thought you were talking about the comics. Yeah, I like it more than the animated costume from the current movies.

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