Wonder Woman 1984 Moved to Summer 2020

Wonder Woman 1984 has been moved to June 5, 2020. It makes sense for this movie to be a summer release, I’m just bummed we’ll have to wait an extra year to see it. It feels like the sequels are too far apart in the current age of comic book movies. They could just as well film Wonder Woman 3 while they wait for '84 to release.

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Defnitely a bummer but it’s a good move. The movie probably wasn’t ready for the original 2019 release date. tbh, they should’ve pushed back JL as well—ut that’s a convo for another time


Justice League really should have been pushed back. Honestly, just waiting for Henry to be able to shave would have done wonders for that movie. Wonder Woman is so far away, hopefully the animated movie coming next year is good.


It’s likely that they pushed back to avoid competition with the Terminator semi-reboot and Frozen. Warner Bros. is clearly looking to dominate Summer 2020 just as they did with Wonder Woman in Summer 2017.


I’m disappointed with the delay, but I think it’ll be worth the wait. It’s probably better as a summer movie anyway.

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@nu52 that, or if he really couldn’t shave b/c of Mission Impossible, the extra time would’ve allowed all the post production people to fine tune all the cgi.

Justice league should have been pushed a year tbh


Are there any movies coming out between Shazam and Wonder Woman? Cause that’s a long stretch.

The Joker movie comes out between them. The Birds of Prey movie is scheduled to come out before WW84 now as well.

Awesome thanks!

I don’t think this will be a bad thing overall as I would rather wait a while for a good movie then have a rushed movie that will be not as interesting or good if they had waited.


There are also 3(?) animated movies coming out in 2019 including Batman Hush. More than enough for all DC fans.


I think it’s a good move. Wonder Woman did really well as a summer movie last year and I think keeping the sequel as a summer movie is the right thing to do. It also gives Patty and Gal more time to get this sequel right so they don’t have to rush it out for next Fall.

No big. It’ll be neat to have Birds of Prey and WW84 out the same year.

I wonder if the Wonder Woman: Bloodlines animated movie will be pushed back too.

Between cinema, television, and animation, I’m pretty happy with the amount of DC I get on a daily basis.

To echo what others have said, I would rather wait longer for a quality film. I feel the whole DC film universe has been too rushed.

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