Wonder Woman 1984 - Blu-Ray, 4K, DVD, Digital and 3D!

I will be getting the Blu-ray. This may be the last Blu-Ray I buy. My collection is just getting dusty as when I want to watch a movie, it is usually just easier to stream it.

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Agreed, I usually end up watching the streaming version but I like having the Blu-Ray or DVD just in case the streaming option goes away for any reason. If they pull the movie I want to see off HBO Max, or if the internet is down in my area, or even if I’m heading to a cabin for a retreat and want to bring some movies to watch at night while the fire roars - it’s always nice to have a physical, tangible version of the movie to rely on.

I’m thinking I’ll get the 3D version because it comes with the regular Blu-Ray and a digital code as well. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed that a 3D TV becomes available again at some point in the future and, if it does, I’ll have a DC movie to christen it with!

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DVD probably. I don’t have a blu ray player, and even then, I like my copies of things to match as best as they can.


What do you mean?

If I got a special non-DVD thing, it won’t match the rest of my DC dvd collection.

Why have them match?

It’ll be Blu-ray for me.

I’ve been trying to go with the DVD format for my TV series collection and Blu-ray for my Movies collection (although I was forced to go Blu-ray for Black Lightning and may also go Blu-ray for Constantine).

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It’s an aesthetic thing? Who wants to get a book series and have all the covers be by different people when they could all be the same style? It’s like that. I can’t stand things that don’t match. And it’s also inconvenient with movies to have them be different sizes. They all fit in their spaces best when they’re the same dimensions.

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