Wonder Woman 1984 - Blu-Ray, 4K, DVD, Digital and 3D!

Wonder Woman 1984 is about to get released for us to purchase and own at home - will you be getting it and, if so, which version will you be getting? From what I can tell the options are:

  • DVD
  • Blu-Ray
  • 4K
  • Digital
  • 3D

I would love to get the 3D version but have no idea what I would watch it on as they haven’t made 3D movies for years. For most DC movies I’ve been getting the Target Exclusive packaging which is usually an alt cover and a steelbook case. They look great and stack nicely on the bookshelf above my TV so that’s probably the version I will get unless anyone here has a way I could watch this in 3D that doesn’t cost thousands of dollars.


I miss when target’s exclusives were the digibooks with the lenticular covers.

I’ve been going digital since Shazam.


Probably gonna get the Blu-Ray + Digital combo like always since I usually watch the digital version, but I still like having something new to put on my movie shelf.


Yes! I got a few of those and loved them.


Already got my steelbook pre-ordered from Best Buy. It’s overpriced for sure, but I also don’t get many of them and I love getting collectible editions like that, so it’s still 1 of my vices

Those Target exclusives were the best! It really sucks that they stopped making art books for the movies for whatever reason, otherwise there’d still be a way to make the digibooks happen instead of just going for nothing more than exclusive covers


I almost ordered the Shazam Digibook that was released outside the US, but the prices on those are insane and I haven’t seen any Digibooks for Birds of Prey. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love it if other places did the Digibook thing so they could with the ones I have, but it might be time for me to realize that format for these movie is gone.

It’s weird to me that they stopped making the digibooks. Clearly there’s a market for them and while yes, it probably doesn’t need to be done on a large scale why not make 1,000 of them for each movie, number them and sell them on DC Shop exclusively? We fans would eat. that. up! You charge me $50 for the Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital copy of ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ with the digibook and a steelcase and that thing would sell out on opening day every single time. Right? Hell, make 10,000 of them and you might still sell out of them and that’s $500,000 for the company!

Psst…@Barrys.Better.Half, @Alec.Holland, @Applejack and/or @MAN.OF.STEEL - think you could run that suggestion up the flagpole to see who salutes it? :wink:

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I didn’t even know they made a Digibook for Shazam! That’s my favorite DC movie so I will definitely be seeking that out even though it would only be a case for the movies I already have since the Blu-Ray and DVD wouldn’t be coded to play in my region. I’ll keep an eye out for digibooks released internationally for Wonder Woman 1984 as I have friends in Australia, Switzerland, Japan and Canada so they might be able to get one for me and send it over - thanks for mentioning that.

Edit - just found the Shazam! digibook on eBay for $60 including shipping from Australia and it’s on it’s way. Looking forward to getting it and have my friends keeping an eye out for more. If then find one and I end up with a second I’ll let you know!

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I totally may or may not have passed this on to the admin team :eyes:


That’s so great you were able to find it! Congrats! :blush:

I usually get the DVD version so my laptop can play it. Plus, the DVD cover art looks more appealing than the Blu-ray. I might hold off if DC releases a collection pack or something, but I won’t wait long.

Wow! I’m surprised they’re still making 3-D Blu-ray’s.

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I am as well - mainly because there’s no TV to play them on. I’m tempted to get it in case they make a 3D TV in a few years but it’s tough to justify getting it now with no way to watch it.

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I’ll be getting the Blu-ray


I’ve already pre-ordered the 3-D Blu-ray. I bought my 60” Panasonic Plasma back in 2011 and it’s still going strong. It will probably quit without notice one day lol.

I believe a lot of these home projectors can play the 3-D Blu-rays. That’s what I want eventually.

I would love to see Zach Snyder’s JL release in 3-D Blu-Ray.

Is there an actual release date yet?


19 days.

thank you

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