‘Wonder Twins’ DC Movie in the Works With Adam Sztykiel to Write, Direct


Wonder Twin powers…ACTIVATE!

This is one of the dorkiest parts of the DC Universe for my money but I don’t care. I’m in. I love that DC is making movies specifically for HBO Max and think that’s a great way to reward subscribers there and to get movies like this made. This would be laughed at if it got a theatrical release but now it can exist and fly under the radar to be enjoyed on its own merits.

I also love this line from the article you linked:

Plotline for the project are being kept in the Hall of Justice.

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If you’d asked me to guess which characters would be getting a movie the Wonder Twins would not have been one of my first guesses, which makes me super excited about this. I love more obscure or even “sillier” characters getting their time to shine. :slight_smile:


Agreed. I wasn’t excited about Peacemaker getting his own series and now it’s my favorite DC show of all-time. This could end up being the same thing. If it’s well done I’ll love it regardless of who the main characters are, who the villain is or where it fits/doesn’t fit in the rest of the DC Universe.


A movie based on something from what is probably my favorite childhood show? Hell yeah! Excited for this :slightly_smiling_face:


I have learned to try to go into more things with an open mind the last few years, which has led to me enjoying lots of books and comics and movies I didn’t think I would. Also, one of my favorite things about comic books is the wide variety of characters and stories and settings, and I think the more TV and film captures that, the better. Wonder Twins might not be for everyone, but there are lots of people who love them and lots of people who will after seeing this, which is great.


I am 100% on board for anything Wonder Twins, and if it is even an echo of the recent Wonder Comics series I will be thrilled. I was briefly concerned when I looked up who Bowen and Godfrey were, but Adam Sztykiel’s name has me breathing a bit easier.


Honestly if you’d told me there would be a Wonder Twins movie before this, I would’ve been afraid it was going to be made by Quentin Tarantino or Seth MacFarlane or something like that and not be something I was interested in at all.


Wonder Twins.


Cast real twins!!!


Long time Super Friends fan here, and Zan & Jayna have always been my faves.

That being said, I really hope they lean more on the 2019 maxi-series (which was great) rather than the cartoon.

The maxi-series at least made the twins more intelligent. This could be the chance to make them seem competent, instead of an octopus riding an ice-unicycle.

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Welcome to the Community, @cellardweller115.36659, it’s great to have you here! I was already excited about this movie, and the fact that it’s inspiring people to post for the first time just makes me even happier about it. I’m not super familiar with the Twins myself. What is that makes you such a big fan of theirs? Please let us know if there’s ever anything we can help you with!

Thanks for the welcome!

I’m actually at work right now (shhhhhh LOL working from home) but when I sign off I’ll come back and answer more fully! And hopefully try to find the “my DC” section to give myself an avatar.

Ok Green.Lantern, I’m officially signed off the work laptop, and can answer. I had to edit this post because I’m a new user.

Why are the Twins my faves? I was 8 when “All New Super Friends” premiered, and while not a big comic reader, I knew who the five main heroes were. Seeing a pair of kids who could shape-shift intrigued me, and I quickly gravitated to them.

Unfortunately, there were PLENTY of odd moments with them, with the use of their powers or doing silly things to get captures and then need rescuing.

The DC Comic that was published at the same time did a MUCH better job with the characters, with them learning English, taking on secret identities, giving them an origin, and showing them in training.

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Production has been shut down on the Wonder Twins movie. The new owners are not going ahead with it. I also understand there was a Justice League pilot in the works for the CW. That has also been cancelled. Because of legal reasons it is my understanding the League would have been all new original characters anyway so it might just as well be a good idea to cancel it. I guess we will never get the chance to find out if either of the shows was worth watching.

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That news didn’t come from anyone reliable

Looks like the original scoopers were right…


At this point I’m getting worried if that Green Lantern show will actually happen because of budget reasons with Zaslav. :sweat: Guess we’ll see.

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I’m sad this movie got canned. And yeah also worried about the Green Lantern HBOMAX series now!

I really hope this Zalsav guy doesn’t gut/ruin WB/DC!

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Not A Big Fan of the Wonder Twins!
Didn’t Like Them On Super Friends!
Won’t Watch the Show or Movie!

The Wonder Twins are Meant For Fans of Teen Titans Go and More Child Like Kids or Adults!

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Peter, we got these in a box of Franken Berry…

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