Wonder Squadron | Book Club 8: The Wonderful Steve Trevor

Welcome to our November Movember reading, Wonder Squad book club! :wondersquadron1:

During this very special month when awareness is raised for men’s health issues, we’re going to focus on one man in particular - Steve Trevor! From the very beginning he has been Diana’s friend and ally (and often love interest). Whether he’s clean-shaven or sporting magnificent facial hair, he is always representative of the best humankind has to offer.

:open_book: If you’ve read one or more of the stories for this month and wish to discuss, drop your thoughts below when you’re ready!

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I feel like if there is a Steve Trevor thread, then I need to make a comment on it or I’ll have to change my name. :smiley:

I just re-read WW Steve Trevor 1. I always appreciate the witty banter in the modern comics, although I also miss stuff like this:

I enjoyed the issue overall, although I have to be perfectly clear that I am in no way a fan of that goatee. :laughing: I like “Steve and the Boys” Oddfellows, although they haven’t made too much of an impact in the comics. I really liked them in the movie so that carries over to reading.

I was planning on re-reading Black and Gold anyway since I just got the graphic novel, so I’ll post my thoughts when I get to issue three. I also will check out Forever Evil. I had never heard of it and it looks interesting.


:rofl: Fair enough!

Agreed! I’m glad they got at least one comic outing.

Excited to hear your thoughts! New52 is not my favorite overall, but Steve starring in his own miniseries is definitely worth a read for any fan of the character. :world_of_wonder:


I’m still newer to Wonder Woman, but from what I’ve heard and from what some of you have written, I’m not in a hurry to read her New 52. :sweat_smile:


There are plenty of people here who love it, so don’t let me dissuade you! For me personally, I didn’t enjoy it. But it definitely has good aspects, too.

I was new to Wonder Woman myself a couple of years ago, which is when I made it my mission to read something from each of her eras (and eventually found my way to this lovely community). I don’t regret any of the things I read at that time, including the New 52 books. They just aren’t something I want to own or reread. :+1:


It already slipped down the list a bit.:rofl: Maybe it’s a silly reason, but once I like a couple, I avoid certain stories when they aren’t together. I do the same with Harley and Ivy. I’ll read it eventually, but it helps to be prepared, just like when I read something scary. Thank you! :yellow_heart:


I resonate with both of these statements very strongly. This is how I live my life. Maybe it’s silly, but we know what we like, okay?! :sweat_smile: :blue_heart:


I started with the Steve Trevor one shot. I do remember reading it before, but it had been a while. Overall, it’s a fun one-shot. You can kind of feel the marketing/movie synergy in there, basically bringing in Chief, Sameer and Charlie from the '17 Wonder Woman movie into a story in the main continuity, but I think they did a good job making it fit well enough. It’s just a shame that I’m pretty sure we haven’t seen them again. I’m a couple months behind on the current WW book, but I would think they would make a good fit for what’s going on there.

One thing about this story that I thought was interesting with Steve’s character was his secret thoughts in regards to Diana, how he worries or feels guilt for crashing into Themyskira in the first place and “taking a piece of Paradise” back with him. I think he’s wrong to feel guilt over it, and I’m sure Diana would think that as well, but it’s a human response to have, I think.


Do you mean in terms of the Wonder Woman books, or in general? Because I will say that I think that, much like pretty much every other era of comics, the New 52 has more interesting and good books than it has stinkers.


They totally would! I would love this. :star_struck:

Agreed on this. I love when inner monologue is used in this way in comics! It gives a depth to Steve’s character that may seem missing otherwise if all we knew of him came his dialogue in the main WW series. (There’s another story that is part of Rucka’s Rebirth called “Angel Down” that I feel does this really well.)


The Oddfellows do actually show up in a few issues. I guess there is a possibility they might show up again here and there.


I’ve read others from that time, but not Wonder Woman yet. I didn’t dislike the New 52 that I have read.


Here’s my quick reaction to the ARGUS series because I just reread it:

This is a good example a comic storyline (and there are several I’ve read that are like this) where I have no idea what is going on with the wider DC universe, but it doesn’t matter to me. I love Steve’s characterization and the dialogue is snappy. So it doesn’t matter to me that I don’t actually know the background of what happened to the Justice League(s?) leading up to this. I would love to know who “Mr Green” actually is though.

Steve’s deal with the Morai is properly mysterious and foreboding. I also really like his interactions with Killer Frost:

The post-Diana-break-up Steve stuff is obviously something that makes my heart hurt. But it also gives his character an interesting angle in this story, selflessly acting for her and expecting nothing in return - and also fulfilling his duty as head of ARGUS no matter the cost:

Agree to disagree on the “hero” point, Steven. :blue_heart:


:laughing: I do like me a well-groomed beard on a man, but goatees are a different animal. I’m not often a fan either. At least it’s for a good cause this month.

Speaking of which. Just gonna leave this here…


Okay, and this! :full_moon_with_face: :purple_heart:


Just two quick asides - when I think of the 2017 Seeley-authored one shot, I always remember as being called, Wonder Woman’s Boyfriend, Steve Trevor that I forget that being titled as such only appeared on the interiors and not on the main cover or variant.

Also, when I think of Diana and Steve, besides some of the classic GA and SA stories, I am drawn back to Smallville Season 11 arc, where Diana refers to him as her ‘secret boy!’


Yes! Smallville: Olympus is one of my very favorite characterizations of Diana and Steve’s relationship, particularly because they meet as children in this version. Here it is in our library if anyone wants to check it out:


Exactly, the Olympus arc is a lot of fun, but Diana and Steve actually have roles to play that pay off in large respects over the run of Smallville Season 11 - which itself is really a lot of fun and worth checking out for anyone not familiar with it, who enjoyed or is familiar with Smallville!


I read Wonder Woman Steve Trevor 1 and really enjoyed it. Wasn’t expecting it to give us so much of his personal thoughts. They helped bring their relationship into focus even more, which I appreciated. I’m not a lot-a lot familiar with Forever Evil, but going to try ARGUS next.


Argus mostly sets up FE and, IMHO, unless you want to read all the New 52, is more worth skipping than not. And in any event, those are not really good Steve Trevor stories. Since they spent all this time with Diana in a relationship with Clark, Steve is really more of an OC character that goes by the name Steve Trevor. Even though he’s more of a support, the two digital first books on the app are better reads, overall: Wonder Woman '77 and this one:
The Legend of Wonder Woman (2015-2016)


Thanks! I enjoyed Legend of Wonder Woman. I’ll check out that Wonder Woman 77!:yellow_heart: