Wonder Squadron | Book Club 6 | Sensational Wonder Woman

Welcome to September’s book club, Wonder Squadron! :wondersquadron2: This month we’ll take a look at the anthology series released during Wonder Woman’s 80th anniversary year, Sensational Wonder Woman! Each issue is a quick read that gives various authors and artists a chance to show their take on our amazing Diana in standalone adventures - no prior knowledge of the canon required! We hope you’ll join us. :world_of_wonder:

:open_book: If you’ve read it and wish to discuss, drop your thoughts below when you’re ready!

Sensational Wonder Woman (dcuniverseinfinite.com)

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Issues 1-2 has an interesting hook with the dream-world of Diana as a not-so-happy homemaker, though I do think it’s missing some plot development. I get that the dream sequence is what sets it apart from any other adventure, but what I want to know is how did Diana get into this predictiment? What was Psycho trying to do in the long term? How did Hawkgirl get involved? I feel like this could have used another issue or two to make it work. It also doesn’t help that I remember that the idea of Diana being manipulated into a more Stepford Wives scenario was done better in the fairly recent Milk Wars story:


Thanks for the rec, @Jay_Kay! I’ve added this to my reading list. :world_of_wonder:


I’ve read the first four issues so far and I agree with @Jay_Kay’s assessment that the first two issues needed a little more plot development. Nonetheless I like the subtext of the first two issues and the second two issues had a better developed, if still quick plot. To me, it read like a summation of Diana and Artemis’ relationship.

So far, each issue serves a little window into Diana and her world. I think that’s a pretty neat thing, given that the Amazon corner of the DCU doesn’t get as much page time as some other parts of the DCU.

More thoughts as I read more.


Also, I love the covers for the whole series.


Issues 3-4 was a fun little story – loved the dynamic between Diana and Artemis. It is wild seeing this story again with where things are now. First, it’s funny to see Mongul being used for a smaller story like this after seeing him really get pumped up in Phillip Kennedy Johnson’s Warworld Saga. Most of all, it’s wild seeing Bruno Redondo on here considering just how big of a star he’s become thanks to his run on Nightwing.

#5 was also fun – Colleen Doren I believe got her start doing Wonder Woman back during the Perez run, so it’s cool to see not just how she’s evolved as an artist, but a bit of a tribute to that run by focusing on the best WW supporting character that no one talks about, Myndi Mayer.


I only had a chance to read the first few issues so far, but I’m enjoying it. Her outfit in the first issue when they go for a walk, and when she throws Psycho out the window :smile: It also made me want to read more Hawkgirl, but I’m not sure what was happening overall, since it didn’t continue. I’d like to know what he was up to. Then I remembered Black and Gold and that perhaps these stories don’t need to be resolved, and we should take them as they are? :smile: I can do that!


@Beniac-5 Agree. There’s an intimacy to it in a way, and the Amazons really don’t get the same coverage, which is a shame. Hopefully that changes. :purple_heart: Anyway. Thanks for coming by this month! Totally agree on the covers, btw!

I remember reading this, but I don’t actually remember the story for some reason. :thinking: Actually. Jk. I know why. lol, It was 2020, and that year is a blur.


Great point! It can still be a little frustrating when we’re left with questions, but most of these ended pretty neatly. :balance_scale: :purple_heart: Glad you’re enjoying it!

Ps. Here’s one of my favorite panels…Diana looks so unamused, and I can’t not love it.


Now that I have finished it, I think the retirement home story was my favorite, but the one with Artemis you mentioned would probably be next. It made me laugh. I don’t think I saw Queen Bee in the villain encyclopedia. Can I request her? I’ve never seen her before. :yellow_heart:


You absolutely can! :memo: Got it!

Actually :thinking: Do you have the Earthly Genius badge yet? There’s a wiki at the top of the encyclopedia. If you add it yourself, you can earn the badge. :eyes:


I worked! :birds_of_prey_club_oracle:


The Sensational Wonder Woman Special was just added to our DCUI library! It has 3 additional stories if you’d like to check it out after reading the series.

Such amazing timing! It’s almost like I planned this. (I didn’t.) :sweat_smile:


Late to the party, but I just read the series. Really enjoyed them (but that is pretty much what happens when I read a Wonder Woman comic, so my reviews are often unhelpful :laughing:).

I was psyched to see the return of Myndi Mayer, even if she wasn’t as iconic as the original. She was one of my favorite character from the Perez run and her death and the impact thereafter I found to be moving. Perez excelled at that sort of writing.

Some of the stories were a little weird or the characters felt strange, but that is what happens with this kind of series. The writers were just doing a one-off Diana story and might not be too familiar with her history. I enjoy the one-off stories where people can be creative and not worry about continuity, even if their takes on something like Themysciran politics might be weird (that’s when you know you read too many comics!).

Loved the art and especially the covers!

Also, isn’t it funny how this panel works whether Artemis is under mind control or not: :rofl: