Wonder Squad | Book Club 9: George Pérez & Wonder Woman

This was a good revisit. Even if I am a little late. I assume I can avoid blur spoiling anything because of that, but I may assume too much.

I will just list some favorite moments, most likely in no particular order.

  • The 80s Cold War fervor was captured very well.
  • I still dig old man Steve (and hooking up with Etta). A WonderTrev romance is not necessary to Diana’s origin(s).
  • I will never like this:

    Her tail should not be prehensile. She is a cheetah. Not a monkey.
  • I am on the fence with the retcon of Steve’s mother. Diana learning her story complemented with Steve’s loss of his father was good storytelling. And it was a way to grandfather in the classic costume.
  • I like that Diana rebuffs Zeus. And in true Greek Myth fashion, he throws a tantrum.
  • I liked the reconciliation of Hippolyte and Heracles (and their classic spellings)
  • I am glad Heracles found redemption. I prefer the traditional madness that drives him to kill his children and not to rape and pillage. But it made for good conflict.