Wonder Squad | Book Club 4 | Spotlight: Artemis & Cassie Sandsmark

Welcome to another book club, Wonder Squadron! This month we’re going to focus on two more members of the Wonder Fam: Artemis :00_wonder_woman_stars: and Cassie Sandsmark! :00_wonder_woman_gold:

“The Contest.” Wonder Woman (1986) #90-93

Red Hood and the Outlaws (2016) #2

Young Justice (2019) #19

Wonder Girl (2011) #1

This activity will be running ALL month long! (7/1–7/31)

:boom: Reading begins: Right now! (7/1)

:boom: Discussion begins: As soon as you like! We just ask that you please try to blur spoilers. Did you enjoy it? Have you read it before? What did you think of the dialogue, plot or artwork? Anything at all about the reading you’d like to discuss—drop your thoughts below when you’re ready. :purple_heart: See ya soon!

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Since we’re talking about Artemis - if you’re planning to read Artemis: Wanted (out 7/19), we’ll be discussing that over here:


I loved The Contest! Its definitely one of my all-time favorite Artemis tales.

People complain about Mike Deodato’s art, but as far as my four eyes can tell, he drew Diana and Artemis as two fiercely beautiful, ass-kicking heroes who were both worthy of the Wonder Woman mantle. I don’t really see an issue with the art.

I wish Artemis: Requiem was available on DCUI, as it was her next grand (in my eyes, at least) adventure after The Contest.

Not sure if I’ll read Artemis: Wanted when it comes out or on DCUI, as I trimmed the WW books off my pull list recently, but either way, I’m sure it will be an interesting tale, especially if it were to set up a solo gig for Artemis.


I think I bought Artemis: Requiem before I ever bought an issue of Wonder Woman.


Do we not have this series on DCUI? I just tried looking for it, but no luck. :confused:


No such luck.

But I don’t think it’s been digitized at all.


Yeah, it can be pretty surprising what is and isn’t digitized at times. I recall being rather frustrated and having to hunt down a physical copy of Wonder Woman #0, the first issue of William Messner Loebs issue because it was the only one not digitized or collected into a trade. (something which was only rectified at the beginning of this year.)


Some thoughts about The Contest:

  • Hippolyta’s agenda was never really fleshed out. The time difference was very off hand. Also, why the added obstacles?
  • Artemis’ ponytail is very long.
  • I liked seeing Diana’s disenchantment of her mother.
  • Were all the arrows fired at Diana from the same person? Even if not, I enjoyed how who got caught got chastised.
  • The tie in with Antiope was quite dope.

Also read Wonder Girl (2011); thoughts to be expressed once I gather them…


I see a conversation about Artemis: Requiem! I don’t own a lot of single issues anymore, but I have all the issues of that particular one. It is pretty good. I wish it was digitized so others could find it. Maybe we need to ask the digitizing Gods over in that forum for it. It isn’t that long. If they had continued with what she was doing, she would have had a great place in the DCU and been more aligned with Constantine or more demon aligned characters if I remember correctly.


i could have sworn that was revealed to have been one of the Bana who got chewed out by Artemis for being a dummy
was that in the annual or that one ‘wonder woman special’…


I thought the reveal did not say that Bana fired all of them. The getting chewed out part was particularly divine.


Nope. Like I said, its not on DCUI, but you could always request it to make the digital scene here:

I and a few others have already requested Artemis: Requiem in digital, but another voice to the chorus is always welcome. :slight_smile:


My favorite nitpick (@nu52 just because):


I thought the difference was in the same book. Unless I missed it. There is also a Hercules/Herakles variation that I noticed, but that would make this nitpick much less good natured than intended.

As I was searching, I was reminded about the visions Diana was having as Antiope. It seemed to be more of a vehicle to drive Diana and her mother apart, then to add to the story. I did like the implied consequences of Diana’s lineage (something that was more directly addressed in Wonder Woman: Year One).


Spelling variants and Greek vs. Roman names is such a constant I almost don’t notice it anymore. Still, I wonder if we approach characters differently depending on which spelling/naming convention is used.

Or I am thinking too much about it maybe! :smile:


Made me want to read this series again. :eyes:. I’ll be back—Going to check out Young Justice.


S’good stuff, and Bendis’ best DC work.


Cassie is one of those that likes having powers and being a hero.

I like this version of Artemis, but any iteration that has her as Bana Mighdall (sp?) tends to be good.


Hey everyone, just a reminder - if you’d like to discuss Artemis: Wanted (out today), here’s the thread for it!