Wonder Squad | Book Club 3 | Spotlight: Nubia & Diana

:wondersquadron2: Hello and welcome to our first set of spotlights, everybody! :tada:

We put together a mixed bag of books from which you can choose your own adventure! We鈥檝e also included some brand new arrivals to our library鈥攅ven invited our friends from Birds of Prey over to join us in our Pride :00_dc_pride: festivities, so let鈥檚 dive in!



This activity will be running ALL month long! Read one, read them all鈥攖he choice is yours!

:00_wonder_woman_gold: Reading begins: 6/1

:00_wonder_woman_gold: Discussion begins: As soon as you like! We just ask that you please try to blur spoilers. Did you enjoy it? Have you read it before? What did you think of the dialogue, plot or artwork? Anything at all about the reading you鈥檇 like to discuss鈥攄rop your thoughts below when you鈥檙e ready. :purple_heart: See ya soon!

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If anyone is feeling particularly artistic (or if you just want to come check them out): We have Mood Boards! :star_struck: :wondersquadron1: Diana & Nubia

Here鈥檚 these beautiful new covers too btw. :purple_heart:


Okay :eyes: Who else here has been reading Dark Knights of Steel? Also, here鈥檚 this stuff鈥擭ubia鈥檚 new series starts 6/7. :lion: We have discussion for it :point_down: here for anyone who plans to check it out.

DC Fan Art Club covered Dark Knights of Steel recently, if anyone wants to come by鈥


raises his knightly Kryptonian hand

Dark Knights of Steel is easily Tom Taylor鈥檚 best book that isn鈥檛 Nightwing.

The variant for #5 is one of my fav covers of the year, while #6鈥檚 variant ain鈥檛 too shabby, either.

6/7 is loaded with badass books, including DKOS #7. Weeks that are packed with multiple, highly-anticipated, new books make this guy very happy.


Cool! There are definitely some bangers in here, and looking foward to rereading them. :smiley:


this should sound dirtier than implied.


says the following in his admittedly snazzy British accent

Tell me guv, have you had bangers and mash?

鈥淲hat, like s-鈥

Its food mate, British food! :grin:

Can鈥檛 start the day off for Queen and Country (#AllHailRucka) right until you enjoy a morning banger covered in mash.

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Yes. it鈥檚 a type of sausage. usually beef. served with mashed potatoes.

I considered including a sort of disclaimer such that I could control the innuendo.


鈥淚nnuendo鈥. :smirk: :full_moon_with_face:

Ah, the jokes (and鈥schtuff :shushing_face:) that are banging away in my fertile mental sponge as we speak鈥:smiling_imp:

Anyway, back to the WW-related things!

I鈥檓 enjoying Nubia, tons.

I read issues 1 and 6 when they came out, but passed on 2-5.

I recently scoped out #2 when it came here, and am very eager for 3-5.

Also, I鈥檓 down for some Nubia merchandise, especially action figures.

A t-shirt featuring #1鈥檚 cover art would be most welcome as well.

Speaking of Nubia, has anyone read Nubia: Real One?

I started it last year, but never managed to finish it (you can only read so much in the time you have, you know).


I finished the Batwoman story and thought it was very good. (I have read the other readings also but it鈥檚 been awhile鈥鈥檓 just gonna focus on what this for now since I just read it for the first time). :world_of_wonder:

First off, I鈥檒l be completely honest - I don鈥檛 love New52 Diana. Yes, she is a badass, but that is only one part of what makes her great. In New52 it seems like鈥er compassion is there, but it鈥檚 much more muted. Batwoman had to remind her way too often not to kill people/creatures. It鈥檚 not that Diana as I know her never kills, but it鈥檚 always a last resort and she certainly doesn鈥檛 enjoy it. Lots of talk about 鈥渂eing the sword/standing in the blood of my enemies鈥濃hat just doesn鈥檛 work for me and my experience with how Wonder Woman is most often represented.

Anyway, having said that, I鈥檓 never gonna complain about Diana showing up in comics I鈥檓 reading, and I really enjoyed seeing her team up with Kate. And we got some more of those really cool full-page spreads:

Also, I believe I鈥檝e mentioned elsewhere my centipede phobia. Bleccccch. And to think I used to like the goddess Nyx. :nauseated_face:

You can say that again, Kate.

This was a cool story, though. Love the mixture of mythology and Gotham darkness. And the proposal at the end was lovely. More than anything I鈥檓 glad Kate told Maggie who she really is. Secret identities are just not good for relationships. :heart:


When I finished Nubia & The Amazons 2, my first thought was, 鈥渆nding on a cliffhanger. @nu52 would be proud鈥.

I cannot remember finishing Black & Gold 6. I will have to read it again for the first time.


Finished the Batwoman. The best way to see Diana is through the eyes of another hero. Especially a mortal one. But I am more about the team up in general. some random thoughts:

  • Batwoman鈥檚 red lettered narration is very easy on the eye (compared with the Batman who Laughs)
  • I did enjoy getting lost in Kate and Mags self torment about the other
  • Given how Pegasus, son of Medusa, was drawn, i am guessing it is from the more interesting interpretation of the Olympiad (punk Eris, old man Ares, et al)
  • I find myself wondering if Bones is just a reanimated skeleton or if all of him is invisible except said skeleton.
  • Abbott!

I gather Dark Knights of Steel is your average Elseworlds. I don鈥檛 know why I delayed reading the second issue, since Diana was not in the first. 鈥淗oly crap鈥, he understated. Other than that small cliffhanger and the brief intro to Diana, I am looking forward to Bruce telling Kal, 鈥渢here鈥檚 something you need to know.鈥