Wonder Squad | Book Club 16 | The Monster Express!

:wondersquadron2: Grab your wits, lassos and swords, Wonderlings! Halloween season is here and we’ve got monster-mashing to do…

We’ve got a mixed bag of trick and treats (and creepy monsters) for you to choose from this round—read one, read them all, the choice is yours!

This activity will be running ALL month long!

:halloween_wonderwoman: Reading begins: Right now!

:halloween_wonderwoman: Discussion begins: As soon as you‘re ready! Did you enjoy it? Have you read any of them before? What did you think of the dialogue, plot or artwork? Anything at all about the reading (or various strange Wonder Woman monsters) you’d like to discuss—drop your thoughts below when you’re ready. :purple_heart: See ya soon!

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Some mood music :dancer:t2: :ghost:

You can also stop by :point_down: here for more of the Knight Terrors event:

And here is JLD, for anyone who haven’t read it yet:


I already read her knight terrors, i really liked it, reminded me of Justice league dark. I mentioned before it made me wish they’d do another series with her and her lasso was pretty cool. I dont know what ends of the earth is, I’m going to start with that!


Hey Max! Welcome! I was pretty excited when they announced the last one, and enjoyed it a lot. :00_wonder_woman_gold: :black_heart: I WISH they’d do another JLD series w/ Diana, too. She fit really well, I thought.


Wonder Woman and Detective Chimp forever. :raised_hands:

A dynamic duo I never knew I needed, and now just need more of.


I immediately thought of Groovie Ghoulies.

Young Frankenstein was a very funny stage show also.


@xLOVEandDoomPatrolx :100: They really did make a great team. Hope they do more.

@ampersandrews Awesome—Thanks! I’ll always take some music. :dancer:t2: I’m going to have to Google this show later. Seems like something I would’ve liked when I was kid :ghost:


-The Knight Terrors did a great job of identifying Wonder Woman’s greatest fear. Or at least modern-day Wonder Woman. I feel like the whole idea of Diana fearing that she isn’t human or people don’t see her as human really only became a thing when Geoff Johns brought it up while writing Infinite Crises/
-Issue 161 had a little spooky flavor to it. But it doesn’t really have a satisfying conclusion because the story continues on in the next issue. But this is when we first meet Circe, who is…very attractive in this.
-I like Gail Simone, but I didn’t find anything particularly note-worthy in these issues, Basically just a fantasy romp with Beowulf and a stand-in for Conan the Barbian. This is weird because there is already an official crossover featuring those two.
-They don’t use Cleopatra that much in a story literally called the Curse of Cleopatra. In fact, shouldn’t it be named after the person actually casting the curse? Anyway, not really spooky flavored either, the only thing vaguely connecting it to Halloween is the mummy look.


I did, I have and I’d say Knight Terrors, Wonder Woman 161 and 18 were my favorites. Others have mentioned Justice League Dark in regards to Knight Terrors, and I agree that was a big reason I enjoyed the first installment. The second focussed more on Wonder Woman and got more emotional and disorienting and I enjoyed it even more. The artwork supported the ideas wonderfully and was some of my favorite from the event. :grinning: I read all the way to the first Annual during the last George Perez read and really enjoyed this entire section. I’m glad this reminded me to go back to it. The Silver Age Cleopatra story was every bit as fun and silly as I was hoping. I brought a song to go with it.


Ends of the earth was really good and had an interesting cast i wasn’t expecting like Beowulf.This probably sounds dumb but i forgot Gail Simone worked on Wonder woman for this long lol, all i remembered was the circle at first but she writes her to be smart but theres a lot of action and it moves fast. The Cleopatra story was fun and i read a bunch of those All star comics last year but i dont remember the issue, just that it was fun too


Thats a cool song and cartoon, thanks


Excellent to hear! :purple_heart: Hope you enjoy it! Great song choice too! I have this track handy from another thing. Trade ya!



I’ve been meaning to revisit Gail Simone’s run to see if my opinion has changed at all, but hers was definitely a more all-out a55-kicking Wonder Woman, which is fun to read sometimes. :purple_heart: Glad you liked it, and thanks for coming by!


I read Knight Terrors: Wonder Woman (and then Justice League Dark “The Witching Hour”). Still haven’t read the whole event, but was able to enjoy Wonder Woman’s story. It makes sense that her greatest fear is ultimately herself and her ability to commit violence. The art was my favorite part, setting the stage for a nightmare really well. Made me want to check out more Justice League Dark. I’d give it 3.5 out of 5.

(:face_in_clouds: I hope it’s okay to post about this here. I saw you all read it a few Halloweens ago)
Justice League Dark The Witching Hour had a great premise that pulled me and it starts off great, but then started to fall apart toward the end. A lot of clutter in the form of info-dumps, but still a really enjoyable read and I will continue to work my way through this series. :wonderwoman: I’m sayin’ 3 out of 5.


I’ve been meaning to pick this up and was watching this the other day. Thought I’d share: :purple_heart: :00_wonder_woman_gold:

It’s fine by me since that was a while ago—you’re in the ballpark! Besides, being off topic never stops anyone else, so why should it stop you?? :laughing: Anyway. Happy to see you’ll keep reading. Have you read any other JLD? :purple_heart: If not, I recommend!


I am actually reading this omnibus right now. I bought it when it came out but have been saving it and since I just got the second one it seemed like a good time. Some really funny and crazy stuff.


Thanks, I saw the link to it and others have mentioned it. Thought I should. :dizzy: Read some of the last series, but never got to the end. Maybe after this?


It’s reasonably priced on Ebay - Volume 2 less so. Hope you enjoy!