Wonder Squad | Book Club 14 | Spotlight: Nubia

:wondersquadron2: Hello again, Amazon enthusiasts! It’s time for another spotlight, and this month we’ll be diving in to a mixed bag focussed on our :crown: Amazon Queen: Nubia!

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Wonder Woman 204 (1973) (First Appearance)

Nubia & The Justice League 1 (2022)

Wonder Woman 154-156 (2000) Three Hearts

Queen of the Amazons 1-4 (2022)

:books: This activity will be running all month long! Read one, read them all—the choice is yours!

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:wondersquadron1: Discussion begins: Whenever you’re ready! You know the drill: Have you read them before? Which story was your favorite? What did you think of the dialogue, plot or artwork? HOW awesome is Nubia?! Anything about the the reading you’d like to discuss—Drop your thoughts below when you’re ready. :purple_heart: See ya soon!

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ICYMI, and are looking for more Nubia…


Nubia has been an amazing addition to current Amazon lore. When I first read about her in Wonder Woman 204 she had such a brief appearance and then disappeared so there wasn’t much of an impact. It was actually disappointing. Not sure why they created her only to ignore her, but such is the way of the Silver Age.

But luckily nothing in comics is forgotten forever so now we have her back with a great backstory and a reason we haven’t seen her around until now. I love how in her current role as queen she has the full support and respect of her fellow Amazons and the Justice League. I am hoping to continue to read of her adventures and would like to see her own series as well.


I enjoy Nubia as a character. The earlier work listed for this discussion sort of has her more as an antagonist to a certain degree, a foe to be overcome. But in the more recent books listed, they definitely show the strengths of her character.


I like that they are using her more lately. Her story in the pride special was good, even if I think they should just use Diana one year and get it over with. nubia and the justice league is next.


I think they’d prefer to ride on implications w/ her :00_dc_pride_bs: for as long as they can, and even though plenty of people read Diana as Bi (myself included) it likely won’t happen for a while.

If they did go for it, :woman_shrugging:t2: I’d actually prefer it if she was in a relationship w/ Steve in the issue. Plenty of Bi people are in “straight relationships”—it doesn’t mean they’re not Bisexual still. And I think non-Lgbtq people would understand it more that way. :balance_scale: But that’s just me…


An interesting set of issues this time around.
Her first appearance had some questionable elements with how it approached the servants of Ares. But I loved the idea of this floating island that was in reality a weapon of Ares which became the stronghold from which Nubia ruled a people who turned away from the god of war.
A shame that she doesn’t show up again in that era barring an appearance in Superfriends comic, that Wonder Woman pilot movie as a brief appearance, and that toy.

Nubias post crisis appearance was an odd one to me I confess. The whole relationship with Agrahim, and establishing she has a breastplate that pulls a medusa on people.
The whole ‘keeper of Dooms Doorway from the inside’ schtick though seems to have caught on.

The modern take now, that really shined between the Justice League team up which showed her off and bounced her off of characters outside of her circle.

Queen of the Amazons though…I confess it frustrated me a little. It had a number of fascinating things. Giving Nubia a fascinating backstory. Establishing a camraderie with Hawkgirl.
Reintroducing the Floating Island as another embassy (between that and the boat island embassy, they have a theme going)
And establishing Nubia getting her own little Amazonian superteam of sorts.
But…Its only four issues and they had to pick one thing to focus on. I wanted moar~! I wanted to explore the floating island~ To see this team of Amazons bounce off of one another and develop the new creations.
Though thats not the worst of complaints to have of a story.


I think its only a big deal because they treat it like its a big deal when its not. Like you say, she can still be with steve. They can’t treat it like its shameful forever :00_dc_pride:

Me too, i dont like when there are a bunch of cool ideas and places, but nothing goes anywhere, like i wasted my time




On the one hand, I applaud and think this is a good idea, it’s a way for DC to give characters more ink and pages, and not worry about the direct market or the fan boys refusal to stray beyond their preference or the casual/normie convention of just picking up their main titles (e.g. Batgirls or the like for some, Superman or Action for others, etc.) But it’s also the same argument you could make about the four issues for both Billy in Shazam and Mary in New Champion. You are left wanting more and it feels like an extended and sometimes decompressed tease for something else, not something like the Black Labels or other intended mini’s (a perfect example of which is the Supergirl Being Super - which yes, could have been a launch pad for a new series, but also worked to tell a story on it’s own.

This is probably true. I wouldn’t object if it was a B or C plot in a six issue or 12 issue arc where the victim of say a villains scheme was a former female lover of Diana’s and it comes up that way, so it’s more clear. Otherwise, you are going to get complaints. I mean, you’ll get complaints no matter what - but why invite them?


@StrangeVisitor That’s exactly it, though—for every person who will complain that they did something, there’s someone who will complain they didn’t. :woman_shrugging:t2: That’s what makes it a not particularly good excuse to never experiment or try new things. :purple_heart: :balance_scale: That’s how progress happens, right?


I probably wasn’t fully clear enough. I do think new things should be tried, and in real and practical terms, that would include a story like The Kids Are Alright but it still got a lot of complaints, on release, from all corners, about the idea of a lesbian either wanting to or being interested in or exploring sex with a man, while in a long-term relationship with another woman.

So my point is that Diana should be in a relationship with a woman and that should be the focus, not that the female partner was a side issue to a longer arc where Diana is primarily/mostly with Steve Trevor. And likewise, with Tim or Jon or any other character that’s going to be primarily a bi-identified character.

Bisexuality is still a touchy issue in some corners of alphabet society.


Hi again! :grinning: Some I have not. The first appearance was interesting, and felt strange since I know we wont see much of her for a long time, like a lot of firsts. My favorite is Queen of the Amazons. I think its the overall best story and artwork.