:00_wonder_woman_stars: Wonder Girl Discussion (Spoilers; Wonder Girl 2022 Annual Debuts 8/30) :00_wonder_woman_stars:

Whether you know her as the Wonder Woman of Future State, or the latest holder of the Wonder Girl mantle, Yara Flor has been one of 2021’s most talked-about new characters in the DC pantheon, and for good reason: She’s awesome!

I figured an awesome character with a rad book such as Wonder Girl deserves a thread all to herself, so if you’re like me and are really digging her current adventures, let’s chat about 'em below and get hip-deep in the wonder that is our girl, Ms. Yara Flor.

If you’re new to Yara Flor, and would like to know more about her, check out these great comics in our library:

  • Future State: Wonder Woman #s 1 and 2 (of 2).
  • Future State: Justice League #s 1 and 2 (of 2).
  • Wonder Girl (2021) #1.

Friendly reminder: Wonder Girl #6 is due out tomorrow (Tuesday, 12/14), so be sure to soak your eyes in the wonder and check out both covers (by Matteo Scalera and Stanley “Artgerm” Lau, respectively) below:


Wonder Girl #5 ended on a great note with the appearance of Donna Troy!

I can’t wait to see where the Homecoming arc goes in #6! :wonderwoman:


I’ve been meaning to read these comics hope they’re good


Welcome to the community, @mjortiz! :wave:t2: :clark_hv_4:

They’re good, alright. Give 'em a whirl, then check in with your thoughts.

“Moving on.”

Another thought on Wonder Girl #5: I hope Jerry makes it. We can’t have Yara endure an Atreyu and Artax moment.

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blows dust off the thread via his Kryptonian super-breath

Well, bless my Esquecidan lucky charms, it has been a while, hasn’t it?

I wanted to bump this up, as we’ve since seen the conclusion of the ongoing Wonder Girl series, Yara’s adventures during Trial of the Amazons, her involvement in Dark Crisis and…we have Wonder Girl Annual #1 to look forward to, beginning on August 30th:

Main cover for Wonder Girl Annual #1.

B cover, by Chris Wildgoose.

C cover (1:25), by W. Scott Forbes.

Also, the Wonder Girl hardcover that collects Future State: Wonder Woman, Infinite Frontier #0, the Wonder Girl ongoing series and the Trial of the Amazons: Wonder Girl mini-series is on the way:

The above likely isn’t the finished cover art, just temporary placeholder artwork. In any event, the book releases on 10/25.

Have you been reading Wonder Girl (especially as new issues come to DCUI)? Did you enjoy Yara’s involvement in Trial of the Amazons? Do you think she’ll be part of a new Justice League in or after Dark Crisis?

Discuss Yara as you like, for the lady is indeed a true :sparkles: wonder :sparkles:.

Also: If you’re brand-new to the Yara Flor Wonder Girl, you can get caught-up with her solo adventures right here:


I just read issues 1-6 of the series.

Overall, I enjoyed it. The art was fantastic:

My rambling opinion:

I found the series too fast paced for me. It seemed very rushed and I am not entirely sure what was going on.

The amazons face a new crisis so everyone rushes to Brasil and then just sort of meanders quietly off stage without doing anything or learning anything.

Yara goes to Olympus and is hugely insulting to Hera, who is probably the worst goddess to have angry with you, and nothing much happens. She is pierced by the arrow of Eros, who is also pierced with an arrow when seeing her, and their love just immediately fizzles into nothing.

I like the character but the story is all over the place for me. I am hoping the pace slows down and we actually get to know her. It seems like they were trying to pack too many things into the series in time for Trial of the Amazons.



If I hadn’t already been a Joelle Jones geek prior to Wonder Girl (including her Future State joint), then Yara’s adventures most definitely would have converted me to Team Joelle.

Given how the TOTA: WG mini was originally solicited as regular issues for Wonder Girl (the covers were at least, at minimum), I’m thinking TOTA kind-of threw a bit of a curveball in the original plans for Wonder Girl and where it may have originally been planned to go, prior to TOTA becoming a thing.

From what I’ve read, the upcoming Annual more or less seems to be the last two issues for Wonder Girl that were solicited prior to TOTA. Maybe it will clean-up some of the uneven aspects of the series?

In any event, Wonder Girl has its faults, but I still very much enjoyed it. Yara has gone on to become one of my favorite new characters, and I’ll do my very best to read everything she appears in.

SN: TOTA: WG #1 was, in my four eyes, the absolute best part of TOTA, and it deserves an Eisner nomination for its art, because it was absolutely incredible.


Wonder Girl 2022 Annual debuts in stores this Tuesday, 8/30! :partying_face:

Main cover.

B cover, by Chris Wildgoose.

C cover (1:25), by Scott Forbes.

Are you reading Yara’s latest adventure this coming Tuesday? I certainly am. :nerd_face:


i love this monster design :o

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I also like how everyone is looking at Yara, as if to say “Uh, Yara? What should we do about the monster with a mouth in its chest that’s getting closer and closer?”, to which Yara appears to reply “Hang on, I’m checking out this sweet sword.”

I wish the 1:25 variant was the B cover, as that’s the cover I like the most and would happily buy at cover price.

But…its limited, and while I like the B cover fine, I’ll just stick to the main cover.

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I wish I knew if this monster was a mythology thing…Its awfully hard to be sure sometimes, as im not really savvy with the regions folklore

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Eh, I say just go with it.

If it is something from mythological folklore, then we learn something new (and who says comics can’t teach anything, right?).

If its just made up, then we get to see a cool made-up creature, which is also spiffy, or rather…wonderful to keep in line with Yara’s “brand”.

Alright, ive read the book and I feel confident in saying that this annual is easily the best Yara story we have seen to date.

To summify, the story opens with an origin story for Jerry the Pegasus, establishing that a herd of Pegasi exist on Olympus and Jerry was exiled from his herd due to reckless child endangerment.

Following this, Yara is returning to try hooking up with that bus driver from the first issue, only to find out that hes seeing a woman already.
Meanwhile, the monster from the alt cover is attacking the Amazon city of Akahim and we find out that the woman whose confronting Yara is in reality the Cuca (crocodile witch) who has a bone to pick with Yara.

The monster is unstoppable with Potira trying to fend it off back at the city while Yara and her Amazon bodyguards do battle with Cuca, attempting to keep innocents from harms way in the process.

The day is won when Jacy the littlest Amazon mannages to swipe Cucas magic pouch which was how she was commanding the monster, and the day was saved~

The story capping off with Yara smooching her love interest who I know basically nothing about.

Overall I highly enjoyed it and wished the series was this good.
We had some threats unique to Yara and her corner of the world.
We got some nice action mixed with some good story.
Some of the characters got to have nice little moments to get fleshed out and explored more.
And it all looked quite pretty.

Also, I only just realized that the reason why their making Yaras love interest a tour guide is so that they will have an organic mouth piece to explain basics of Brazilian culture to the utter Idaoian potato rube who knows nothing about any of this.

If I had to voice any negatives…
Honestly, reading this makes me feel like Wonder Girl would have started better as a cold open, diving us straight into this dynamic and then later revealing the rest of her background through flashback. Also basically 90% of the story from the mini series proved itself to be utterly inconsequential.
This might seem a random thing to complain about here, but seeing how GOOD this annual is, really makes the flaws of the mini kinda stand out.

Also, back during trial of the Amazons, we had a splash page which showed off nine Amazons of the Esquecida which seemed random but neat. They all popped up in this and it gives the impression that they were meant to be the Esquecida cast of Yaras book. At this point the only ones I can even name are Potira and Jacy as none of the others have actually done anything yet to stand out, which is a shame because I rather wish for a chance to see more about what their whole deal is supposed to be.

Gah! I want more like this!

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