woman fight

Who would win Starfire or WonderWoman?

Wonder Women no doubt, she literally has no weakness


Yeah Wonder Woman in the end. But it would be a blood bath.

I feel like Wonder Woman would win. With flying, superhuman strength, a magic lasso, and partial invulnerability (the extend of which depends on who is writing her), she is more than a match for Starfire’s powers. Wonder Woman is also a better warrior than Starfire is, so she should have no problem taking Starfire down.

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Have to go with Wonder Woman.

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I will add to the Wonder Woman pile. If you want a specific reason, I’m going with temperance. Starfire is way too impulsive and overestimates her ability. WW is too calm and collected for SF to get the drop on her.

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Wonder woman
But the Injustice 1&2 left a bad taste in my mouth for her after competing those games

Princese Diana.