Wizard magazine.

So, who remembers this tome of comic book news? I read it quite often and always enjoyed their news reports and irreverance. It dipped a bit in quality when they changed the format and the mag essentially became Entertainment Weekly but with a focus on comics. I still bought it and ToyFare but they definitely lost a bit of their fun later on.


Wizard magazine was awesome


I miss Wizard. I want to start my own online site that does similar articles. There were some fun articles & getting to learn about characters & publishers & what to read was awesome!

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They jumped the gun for when and why they ended it. I think it was the last issue where they explained why they felt the magazine was soon going to be irrelevant because of how digital was becoming a huge thing and they didn’t want to be seen as out of touch or something.

The New 52, Rebirth, the Vertigo relaunch and so on along with goings on from all of the other publishers would have kept them going to this day.

Maybe they were out of touch afterall

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