With CW apparently not renewing their Netflix deal what are the odds we get the Arrowverse shows on this service?

It would work similarly to how the current Netflix deal works where the shows are added about a week after the season finale airs. Personally, I think there’s a decent chance. And if it does happen that would be a huge deal for DC Universe considering how popular those shows are.

They’re probably considered a big draw for the WB service (along with recent theatrically released DC movies) so I see Batwoman and any other new shows going there for the marquee value they’d provide.

Having them there and on DCU would be the ideal sitch if possible.

It would be nice if DC Universe became the new home for DC TV from the cw

Nice but as one of the moderators said in another thread DCU must bid on all of the shows and they aren’t given any advantages even though they all are WB. The shows may just be too expensive for them.

You really think warner brothers will outbid apple google amazon? Etc dream on

Yes but WB is coming out with their own streaming service so this is most likely where it will go.