Wish You Were Here: Write A Postcard Home From The Swamp!

We hope you’ve enjoyed your time visiting The Bayou with us! Now that you’ve had a chance to see the sights, why not tell the folks back home what you’ve been up to?

For this week’s Fan Creation Friday, write a short postcard message to friends and family who missed out on all of the good, the bad, and the swampy bits of fun you’ve undoubtedly encountered this week - they probably won’t believe you, but you gotta tell someone!

We want to read your most creepy, mysterious, or ominous messages back home - Our favorites will be selected for featuring in an upcoming News article!



Arrived in Louisiana safely. Pseudoderm pores in mask still need tweaking. Sweat building up on interior. Swamp Thing still unaccounted for. Thinking of dumping some styrofoam cups into bayou to get his attention. Probably bad idea. Will keep you posted. Enjoy the cartoon alligator tourism mascot of Houma on reverse side.



P.S. Please do not feel tempted to clean my office. It’s supposed to look like that.


Hello Mother Hello Father

Please I want to come home.

I will be the best son anyone has just get me out of here.

I know Camp Swampy had electricity when you dropped me off but they turn it off at dusk they said for better ambience.

The teenagers who are the camp counselors have a strange smile when they look at me like i am a fat pork chop

Speaking of fat three of our most “weight challenged” kids have mysteriously disappeared. The counselors smile and say there are in a better place. Then say they just went home

The food is terrible and in such small portions. I think i know what gruel is now.

Each of us is in a separate cabin. When i try to open the door at night it is looked. They say it for our own safety.

The sounds at night! Constant gurgles gurgles and then an occasional brief scream.

Daytime activities consists of blindfolding us and then throwing one of us out of the van at 15 minute intervals with no instructions to get back at camp.

They look disappointed when we manage to get back after many hours walking… There is only one road and if you go the wrong way you eventually find another kid thrown out later. Of course if you are the last kid you better pick the right direction.

I see a huge fire being built too near my cabin.

You didnt sign any papers you didnt understand or pay in full upfront Mom and Dad? You love me right? I know i can be a pain sometimes. When Dad occasionally says he wishes i was never born he was looking right?

I wil hide this under the mattress.

It sounds like they are very drunk and coming closer.

Please i dont want to die a virgin.

On second thought maybe the alternative will not be as attractive as i imagined given my circumstances

There is a sudden sound at the door.

Oh S…! F…!


Lookingmeant joking


This is fantastic! Keep the postcards coming folks, I couldn’t go on the trip as Applejack wouldn’t give me time off work! :frowning:



Are you ok? Isn’t camp supposed to be fun?

I am sure your parents love you very much. Are you sure you are not just overreacting?

I hope to receive another postcard from you, and I am sure in the next one you will be having an absolute blast at Camp Swampy and have made loads of new friends.

I look forward to hearing back from you!

HP x



We are super glad you got to Louisiana safely. Please let us know of your findings or if you encounter Swampy.
If I do not hear back from you in a few days, I won’t send a cleaner into your office but I will delete your search history.

Your friend,

HP :slight_smile:


Dear Penguin,
How I miss the nice cold Iceberg Lounge, I was visiting the Swamp the other night, boy was it hot! While I was enjoying looking at the fireflies, then I heard something lurking in the water! What was it? A Alligator?! It’s hideous eyes looking at me, as it slowly stand up, it was a monster coming at me!!! I scream and ran away! Trust me, Swamp is no place for tourist. How I manage to escape, I’ll never know.



Operation encountered some obstacles. Contact L.F. Require following equipment:
-One flamethrower.
-Twenty canisters of flamethrower fuel.
-Six machetes.
-Thirty feet of steel barriers.
-Twelve sonic emitters.
-Ten landmines.
-Eight adhesive surveillance units.
-One chainsaw.
-Sixteen tripwires.
-Three weeks’ field rations.
-Tent with Bat-Computer uplink and perimeter sensors.
-One hundred batarangs.
-One Batmobile. One of the armored ones.
-Three replacement Batsuits.

If you don’t hear from me again, tell the others not to look for me.


Just writing to say it’s very dark here. The over growth blocks most of the sun light out during the day. At night I hear things in the swamp. It’s like a faint cracking bark sound, but some nights it’s right against the cabin. I make sure to lock the door at night, though it doesn’t make me feel safe. I wish I hadn’t come here alone. If you don’t hear from me again soon, send help. Coming here was a mistake.


Wonderful job, everyone! We appreciate your sharing the fun with us :slight_smile: Speaking of which, I’m sorry, @Harleys Puddin, maybe next time! :wink: Though I’m similar to what your postcard describes, @Reaganfan78 - my summer motto is: if there’s no snow, I don’t wanna go. lol


I’m ever so happy to hear that you’ve escaped the Swamp unharmed!

Any place that unbearably hot neither deserves visitation, nor long-term inhabitants, save for the dastardly creatures that already lurk beneath the water there.

You were made for better places than that, and so, I look forward to your return.



Thank you for reaching out to make us aware of your present status.

Your list of requested equipment will arrive shortly, and your request not to have reinforcements sent to search for, nor retrieve you, has been confirmed.

Godspeed, and good luck.



If you’re feeling unsafe, do you intend to return? Are you able to? Will the darkness allow you to, or does it threaten you the moment you unlock the door? Are you safer when the sun rises?

If I don’t receive a response, we will follow you as a group. And we will search for you until we find you.

We will not allow you to be taken by the darkness.
I promise.


Dear Misfit Other,

Be glad you decided not to come along

As for they who thought this a great idea…? Editors who think spending time in the bayou for inspiration for a swamp based thriller need to try living in this mire for themselves.

This place is all mucked up.

I need to get the muck out of here.




To whom it may concern:

Well, I didn’t think this would be my day today. I was really looking forward to the swamp thing show. It looked great. Of course, however, I thought it was make believe. Fiction. A story to scare kids and adults alike with.

But boy o boy, was I wrong.

I went on this so called “super summercation” to this bayou in… uh… well, I forget where.

Regardless, I did some exploring, when suddenly I saw a massive, hulking behemoth looking creature up ahead!

It was the Incredible Hulk!

Wait… that’s marvel, right? I think so. Don’t want to have some kind of copyright issue with the lawyers.

Let’s see… instead of the hulk, I can use… uhm… oh, I got it! Swamp thing!

Swamp thing rushed at me, flailing his green arms in my face.

Panicked, I ran away, never to return to that horrific swamp.

Until the next summer supercation of course.

The Blue Reaper


Dear Best Friend,

I made it to the swamp for my internship! It’s a small town with lots of gossip and the food is excellent.

Something’s going down here. The CDC showed up, people are dying, and I don’t believe a word Mr. Sunderland says. Next time I’m interning in Metropolis, 'cause this place is creeping me out.

Oh! This one guy was wearing designer flip flops in the swamp, so I’m pretty sure he’s not from around here either. Actually :thinking: I haven’t seen that guy in a while. Anyway, talk soon.


Dear Munchie,

Well, I’m here in bumfu- um…the swamp. Yes, I am here in the swamp.

The next time S.T.A.R. Labs wants to send an intern to Marais, Louisiana you’re going, and NO we will not decide it over a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors (I’ve learned my lesson).

This place looks nice, but I was at this bar in the swamp and it wasn’t fun. There was a pretty lady that talked to me for a bit though. What was her name? Gabby? Abby? Aggy?

The place smelled swampy and mushy and they only had Mr. Pibb on tap for soda. What’s the deal with Mr. Pibb?

Anyway, there’s some kind of deal cookin’ about in town, so I’m heading out to the library. Bye.

Also, remember my parting words Munch: “Guy named Griff, just say no!”

P.S. I ate the last of the peanut brittle and drank the last two bottles of Crystal Pepsi.


Herman “Rockefeller” Brigsby


this is the last time I’m working with Constantine I don’t care whatS.H.A.D.E wants. the bloody limey bastard supposed to be here investigating this s*** with me .but instead stayed with the legends to run some Monster Carnival.know I’m sick and I cant taste the blackfish and I missed my date with abby.
When I get back I’m turning him into a cockroach.


Hello from the Marais, Constantine.
Please continue to stay away from me
and the Green will not come for you
Yours truly, with insatiable loathing,
-Swamp Thing.