Wish You Were Here: Postcards from Atlantis!

Happy Friday, everyone!

So, how’d you fare this week visiting the underwater gem that is Atlantis? What’d you see? What’d you discover? Or, maybe the most important question is: what will you be bringing back with you? :wink:

Send a quick message back home giving us a glimpse into what you experienced, be it the perfect moment or finding the perfect souvenir! May your postcard be your oyster!

Remember, please make sure your submissions are short enough to fit on a postcard for our upcoming News Article - to be safe, around 100 words works! We look forward to your submissions!


To You know You

Mission: get some swag from Silent School vault in Atlantis.

Soon sparkles in my hands after break some walls and fragged some dudes.

Guy and frail show up. Guy tough but not too much for the Main Man. Frail creates water blows Lantern heavy. No problem.

But cute dolphins show. Ask polite like for me to give sparkles back and leave.

Main Man failed. Can’t let that get out. Gonna have to frag you.

Sending this via sea snail. So you get it two weeks after you’re not around anymore.


Blub Glub,

Glub glub blub. Blub glug blub blub. Glub blub? Glub! Glub blub glub glub glub, blub blub blub. Blub glug. Glub blub blub glub blub glub-blub. Glubglubglub, blub glub glub glublub glub blub glub glub blub blub blub blub, blubglug glug blubglub blub glub glublub. Glub blub blub blubglublub.



Written by Joker

Dear Harley,

Operation Blow Fish has changed. I decided I’m got to stay here for a while. There’s just so much chaos to bring. Have you ever scene a fish drown because it’s an amazing site. The only problem is Fish Boy and his leeches but they’re no Batman. I’ll bring home some sushi.

See you soon Harls.

P.S. Don’t screw up while I’m gone or there will be no sushi.

P.P.S. Tell Bats I said hi.

P.P.P.S. Ha ha ha P.P.
The Clown Prince of Crime



I know you’ve been worrying, but everything has been going great in Atlantis. Black Manta wasn’t here after all, so Garth gave us a tour instead. This city is… beautiful. I know you had your reasons for not coming, but I wish you could see it. Some people here are suspicious of outsiders, but Garth made a point of letting everyone know we’re welcome, and we even got an audience with King Arthur and Queen Mera. The only real problem the team has had so far has been Robin… well, being Robin. You know how he is.



The sushi here is so fresh and a great selection too.


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Dearest Arthur,

I have recovered the Sword of Atlantis and with it, I will soon be returning to Atlantis.

After I return and the sword is placed in its proper home, would you like to attend a Wave Rave with me to celebrate?

Your love in the oceans and beyond,



cracks his fingers
Finally! All those years working in the field of Marine Biology pay off! :joy:

Dear Arthur,

Are you still in Themyscira?
I felt a disturbance along my lateral line
So I looked for you through the Halocline
As the phytoplankton start there vertical migration
I float here in anticipation.
I can’t help but be a little shellfish as the full moon rises.
For the polyps begin to bud, I start to dance with the Clownfish as they rub against their sea anemones.
I worry you have fallen to your greatest enemy, the Mobula mobular.
So I’ll wait here in the pelagic zone.
Waiting for you to return home.

Your dorka for an Orca,

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Dear Garth,

   The Sages tell me I have lived another life with you, and I died when a glass giant filled with poisonous chemicals got dropped into the ocean by the surface dwellers.
   I admit, this is very disturbing, but it is not the biggest question on my mind.
   Who in the name of *&%*$#! Poseidon is this Dolphin chick, anyway???


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Dear Tula,

      I got dropped out of orbit, and don't know if I am alive or dead.  Well, I guess I got drunk in a surface bar after that, so maybe I'm alive.
      Arthur once told me a story about two guys named Cary and Elliot who came from another world where the write fictional stories about us.  Man, those people must hate all of us born to be Legacies and Titans.  As for Dolphin?  So far, no clue-- all this is giving me a headache.


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Dear Mother,
As you know I have been researching the difference between humans and Alantans, but this week i had the opportunity to go to Atlantis it’s self! It is incredible here from the castle to the academy. I even had the opportunity to meet the queen Mera!! i wish you could have meet her and seen this place you would have loved it!!
with love, your daughter

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