Wish You Were Here: Hello from Happy Harbor!

Hi everyone!

From underwater to underground, we took roll call, and thankfully, it looks like we made it to our last Supercation stop safe and sound, so, to finish things up, we’d love to hear how your travels have gone! Have any “secrets” to share about your time in Happy Harbor? Write a postcard home telling us all about it! :slight_smile:

We’ll be selecting our favorites to feature in an upcoming News article, so please make sure your submissions are short enough to fit on a postcard - to be safe, around 100 words works! We can’t wait to read your entries!

:bulb: NOTE: The DC Universe Office is closed for the 4th of July holiday, so the Fan Creation Friday article showcasing last week’s winners won’t be posted until next week, but worry not, we have it covered! :slight_smile:



You said that doing the working with the Batman, meant you not available always.

Friend Garfield, as he was flying, saw you disappear in alley. Garfied worried that the harm might have come to you and asked team to do the investigation.

Victor found the “Boom Tube” and where you had gone to. Raven did the teleporting of us.

The Harbor was not the Happy for us. Met Superboy and Miss Martian. Said you had just done the leaving.

Having the talk, heard you were doing the cheating on us.

Make the choosing. Now!

Your Starfire.


^^ Oh LOL!! that was great @TurokSonOfStone :joy:

@AquamonV137 Thanks.

I had enjoyed @R.O.B.I.N using the cartoon Starfire’s strange speech patterns in the Gotham Postcard, so this was based on the great spoof.


@TurokSonOfStone, this is the one I made for the Gotham week. I posted it on the weekend of that week but I guess that was to late. I was super bummed. Hope you get a laugh.

Dear Ms. Piggy,

Thanks for suggesting that I “Go to GOTHAM!”. Everyone’s so Nice here! I had some money left over after the train and these gentlemen were nice enough to take it off me. Had a gig last night with a clown he’s such a joker! We really killed the crowd. We had to leave in a rush though, something about a baseball player. Someone did leave me a couple of rose’s outside the theater. On my way now to meet a ventriloquist for work.

Fozzie Bear.:tomato:Waka Waka​:tomato:
P.S. I didn’t know your dad was a Professor!

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Very Meta. I didnt get the last line until know.

We are getting off topic.

I think this thread is for postcards only and maybe mod responses.

Everything else should be on Main Watchtower Thread.

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To the groovy cats in the JLA,

Man, I’m rocking along on cloud nine! We caught a wild carpet ride from Atlantis to the old pad in Happy Harbor, and boy, is this joint a doozy! Remember when you all got mixed up with that Starro creep? Boy, whatta moth-ball! Anyway, I don’t mean to cover you with cursive, if you dig what I’m jiving, but we had some wild memories here in the Harbor.

Your friend (and honorary member!),
Snapper Carr

P.S. You can’t see it, but I’m snapping my digits something fierce right now.

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Written by Red Hood

Dear Grayson, (crosses out Grayson)
I mean Nightwing

Still getting use to the new name. Happy Harbor has been a good experience. The team you’ve built seems capable. Surprised it took Bats this long to make his move and final work outside the government and quit the underoos squad. If you need help you know how to contact me.

The Best Robin JT

P.S. Next time you give a tour try not be a… well your first name.


I miss you so much. I’m sorry I’ve been spending so much time at M’gann and Conner’s but, ya know duty calls. I know that you’ll counter by saying we talk everyday, but you know that’s not the same. Anywho, we decided to show the kids around town, and let them get used to the place. Man, I miss the cave. Oh, and we ran into Karen, and she’s doing good. Even Will and Lian came down for a little bit to chill on the beach. I’ll be back soon babe, just a few more days. Make sure you get off the computer every once in a while.
Hunk Wonder (Dick)


Mr. White,

Hello from Happy Harbor! Great news: I know this was just a book tour, but I still got some AMAZING pictures for the Planet! Get this: Superman vs. Batman! I know, I know, it happens all the time, but still, you should see these! Apparently this time, Batman was the one being mind controlled, too, which NEVER happens! Crazy, huh? Maybe Lois can write it up when I get back. In the meantime, I’m hitting the beach!

  • Jimmy

P.S. Found some kind of weird starfish just now. Thought you might want to check it out! Find it attached.


Dear Ms. Ou,

Forgive me for the late response, but I was in Atlantis and you know how it is. You can’t write postcards down there.
Anyway, I caught a ride up to Happy Harbor with Lagoon Boy. He’s teaching some swimming lessons.
Brad Pitt decided to stay back and train to become the next Aquaman.
I can’t stand it here. “Happy” Harbor… More like Saccharine Harbor.
Bruce Wayne’s ward is even here doing some circus tricks or something.
I’m ready to come back to Task Force X now that Rick Flag is out.

Best Wishes A̶m̶a̶n̶d̶a̶ Anna,