Wish You Were Here: Greetings from Gotham!

Hello, DC Family!

We at DC can’t help but ask… did you have as much of a blast in Gotham as we did? We’re dying to know what sort of trouble you got into (…or out of?) this week! While narrowly escaping death, did you happen to see the bat-signal, or were you too busy making friends with Gotham’s undergrou-… cough we mean… sightseeing, and recovering from jet lag? :wink: What’d your itinerary look like?

As before, please make sure your submissions are short enough to fit on a postcard for our upcoming News Article - to be safe, around 100 words works! We look forward to your submissions!


Another at exactly 100 words! I might do that for all these from now on, it’s kind of a fun challenge.


Look what they were selling at the newsstand! Isn’t this so amazingly old timey?

This whole city is weird. It’s like it walked out of ten different eras at once. Kind of creeps me out, but what doesn’t? Still, it’s strange. 20’s gangsters, Gothic architecture, sci-fi tech, 21st century people. Also blimps for some reason? IDEK.

Anyway, I’ve probably already told you by the time you’ll get this, but it wasn’t with Scarecrow, so we’ve still got a yellow ring unaccounted for. We’ll talk shop when I get back.

<3 Jess

P.S. I tried, but Batman wouldn’t sign this.


Dear Leonardo DiCaprio,

I just wanted to thank you for inviting us to your owl themed masquerade party.
Way better than the messy party at Wayne’s dusty mansion. He’s only got one butler. What is Brucey thinking?
Can’t believe Batgirl had the nerve to throw a batarang at you on our way to the Iceberg Lounge. Anyway, Brad’s feeling better after it hit him on the head and he had to go to the hospital again. He had trouble sleeping because of that big night light in the sky. How does the city pay for that thing?

Talk later,



Dear Criminology Prof

Took your advice to go on
ARKHAM ASYLUM tour. Big buildings creepy

Tour lead by real skinny guy with purple suit green hair white skin. Abnormality probably lead to criminality because bullied as kid.

He kept laughing. I didnt get his jokes.

Explosion! Shootings.

Led to school buses driven by Clowns. Given heavy jacket to wear. Ticking sound.

Gas! I feel I grinning ear to ear.

Ha Ha Ha. Got joke.

unrecognizeable scrawl


Dear DCU,

Alright, so we made it to Gotham. My itinerary for the trip: Walk down a dark alley in the middle of the night, throw fruit at the windows of Arkham Asylum, catch a movie at the Monarch Theater, walk down another dark alley, draw a small bat symbol on a flashlight and shine it around, do the previous item in a dark alley, splash around the sewers looking for crocodiles, and walk down a dark alley in the middle of the night. I’m sure nothing will go wrong with any of this.



Greetings friend Titans,

On my recent excursion to the Gotham City, I have the question for Robin, that keeps coming to mind: How on the Earth did you ever live in this terrible place!? It is the dark, the dreary, and… the horrible smelling!
On top of that, the most of the ordinary citizens here are as the gruff, and the gritty, as are the villains of our, ( the much better ) Jump City!

Although it has been the far, and the few between, I have managed to find the small amount of the kind hearted people who preside here; and they are truly the precious gems, in this dark place…
I now have the understanding, that it is because of these people, that you and The Batman, have dedicated the many years of your lives to protecting this city’s streets… Defending the good, from the scourges of life.

With love, your friend,
-Starfire. :sparkling_heart:


Hey Amy!

Gotham is INCREDIBLE! No Dicking around: my excitement for this city never Waynes. At first, the people here seem strange, but after a while it isn’Todd at all. During the Damian our tour group are taking a blimp ride. It can be pricey, but they make every Pennyworth it.

Tim to sign off,



Dear Creeper,

Gotham has been fascinating, we visited the Iceburg Lounge, and saw many places where you have done your news stories as Jack Ryder. We visited your many spots where you teamed with Batman as well. You are right if you can make it here you can make it anywhere.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Dear coworkers,

Gotham has been fantastic the best thing in Gotham is that Despite its reputation, nobody cares whether you look fashionable OR cool,you don’t have wear heels if you can not run for miles in them ,if you are wondering why people fall head over heels for this dirty city you need to experience the uniqueness that defines Gotham,The "Gotham Style ''it is not compared to any other in the world Gotham Cathedral is breath taking, the gastronomy is phenomenal Gotham has the best Italian ,Russians, Romanian and German restaurants,you have to come to Gotham to shop and see the fine art in numerous museums.

dinah drake

Dear Perry:

Okay, I got the photos you asked for. Can I come back to Metropolis now?

Gotham City has a weird odor, people standing on gargoyles at night (with accompanying lightning strikes to match) and an odd fascination with bats, owls, scarecrows and other things.

Please send airfare or a Daily Planet van ASAP.




Dear Nightwing(s(?))

I Vowed not to come back to Gotham After the Pyg incident (The Red Still hasn’t recovered), But the temptation to check out Wayne manor was too much! Plus, I could give up the opportunity to freak people out as a literal giant bat (GCPD wasn’t happy about those Phone calls). Anyway, Wishing you Love from Gotham, Ric.

The Fantastic Beast Boy (And the Titans!)


Couldn’t give up the opportunity *** Ugh

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Yo What up Blue,

So I’ve been chilling in Gotham a bit. You know it really is gloomy over here so not my scene, but you know how much Bats loves me so what’s a guy gonna do? Anyway miss my favorite buddy and gonna be honest some of the people here creep me out and even Skeets can’t find a positive spin on this place. Anyways let’s kick back when I see you again.
Booster Gold

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Written by Etrigan

Dear fellow Demons,

This city of Gotham has been a delight
There are plenty villain scum to fight
As the city is shrouded in darkness
I use it to help clean up the mess
I’ve even allied with this an old friend
Who help bring these villains to there end
I sad my goodbyes to the city and Batman

From The Demon Etrigan


Dear Mister Felix,

Gotham is filled with interesting things!

Just yesterday, a strange, green-haired man in a purple suit exploded a giant dandelion at the intersection of two streets named Finger and Robinson! Oh, it was dreadful, but fascinating! People started to laugh most uncontrollably, and their faces turned totally white! And the smiles as they died! Luckily, I had my chemistry set as always and managed to save myself and the seven people closest to me. The other fourteen were unfortunate casualties, I suppose, but I sure science will be served during the necropsy.

Probably best you weren’t here,



…I am sure…

it’s been one’a dose days…

Just noticed a typo in mine. Sad should be said

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While touring some of the older, larger buildings, mainly the ones built by the famous Wayne family, I noticed a strange trend in the floor numbering. Seems as though the Wayne’s were very superstitious and avoided 13 like the plague.

Dear Harls,
I’m missing you so much here at home! I spent the night ‘visiting’ old friends, a couple of which got themselves in Arkham again. The park is doing wonderfully, and the city’s pollution is going down( unbelievable right?), which is excellent for my babies. I miss you and the Coney freaks, more than I can express. I even ran into Batgirl, who says hello.
Love you darling,


So it turns out that Gotham is not nearly as clean as the commercials make it sound. There’s dirt bloody EVERYWHERE, garbage bags piled up in alleyways, and a whole lotta piss on the roads. I’m tellen’ ya, Bats, crime ain’t the only problem in this city.

Cheer mate,