Wish You Were Here: A Postcard from Paradise!

Hello all!

How’d you enjoy your time with us in Themyscira? We hope you had the chance to not only relax, but have some fun in the sun, as well!

For Fan Creation Friday, we’re continuing with our postcard theme, so do those back home a favor and put their fears at ease by letting them know you not only escaped the Swamp safe and sound, but made it to the soothing, sandy beaches of Paradise Island! Try not to make them TOO jealous when you do, though. :wink:

As mentioned before, our favorite submissions will be selected for featuring in an upcoming News article, so please make sure your submissions are short enough to fit on a postcard!


Dear DCU,
OK, so maybe the wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I got a hold of some Apokoliptan aero-disks like Mister Miracle uses so I’m not technically “on” the island, per se. I feel like that kind of defeats the spirit of the law, but hey, it worked for Changeling in New Teen Titans.

Anyway, I’ve been mostly hanging out on (above) the beach and zooming around seeing the sights. I still say we should’ve gone to Dinosaur Island, but hey, it’s better than the swamp. Boy, I sure wouldn’t want to go back to that swamp, especially not approximately a year from now. The taxes there are the real monster.




(Do not get on my case about the spelling.)

Turns out this assignment had a lot more excitement then I thought. One name: Circe. Wonder Woman won’t confirm anything until she’s sure, but what I do know is, our peaceful celebration turned into a monstrous mess pretty quickly. Literally. Sometime during the tour, someone snuck away and opened the gates of the labrinth. (Ooh, wait. How about PANDEMONIUM IN PARADISE? Maybe I’ll save that for the lede.) Wonder Woman saved the day, of course, but they won’t let us out of here until everything’s coraled back into the depths. You would not BELEIVE the pictures we got! I just wish we had Jimmy, but, yeah. Still, Miko’s pretty good.

Detailed article when I get back. Love to you and Jon,




Hey Charlie,

So sorry you couldn’t make it to Paradise Island. Took Kate with me instead to make this a “working vacation.” Honest, I’m crying through my flesh colored mask.

The women here, though… Christ, Kate and I may be dating, but we’re not dead. I don’t know what they’re eating, but we gotta bring some home.

No leads on your Cult of Crime/Temple of Ares connection just yet. But I promise we’ll stay on the case even if it takes us all summer.

If you see Helena, remind her to water my ficus.




Last One

Starfire said, “Isnt it glorious here? The sun is energising me so much. I am so glad Donna invited us.”

Raven said, “My skin is getting sun burned. I am going where there is shade.”

A girl about Raven’s Age, wearing glasses and more slightly built than the usual Amazon gingerly approached Raven, who was just sitting on a big rock, glumly.

“You find this placed dreadful like me, right? All this hunting, feasting, athletics. Want to go to now to a play reading? A group of friends are doing the Orestaia Trilogy by Aeschylus.”

Raven smiled. “I would love to.”


Hi Dad, hi Mom!

OMG, Themyscira is the best! Artemis showed me the sites and then taught me how to fight like an Amazon.

I asked if I could meet Diana, Cassandra or other famous Amazons that have left Themyscira but they’re off island (and world in some cases). Artemis tussled my hair and said “What about me little kryptonian?” then later, she let me use her bow and arrows! She’s awesome!

GTG, I’m taking a hand to hand combat class led by Queen Hippolyta. Talk about a queen!

Love you guys,


P.S. Damian is going to be so jealous when I tell him what I’ve seen here.


From the Shining Knight

To the Seven Soldiers of Victory

Tell all the heroes that I roam the earth no more but will of course come to their aid when the situation is dire.

I abode now in the wonderous isle of Themyscira with my beloved of long centuries ago, Exoristos. It took many feats to convince my fair lady of my sincerity but at last she assented.

My honesty requires that I was nervous when my love and I went to the Queen to make our union lawfull.

Exoristos said boldly to the Queen, “This is who I want to spend forever with. If you do not assent we will leave, sore though it will grieve my heart.”

Queen Hippolyta looked long at both of us. Then she smiled and said, “Agreed.”

I said, “But I am a Man.”

The Queen said, " I have learned much over the centuries and have learned that such matters are trifles in manners of the heart. You are a valiant warrior, an asset to the kingdom. Go and prepare."

And so we did.



Manners of the heart

It is

Matters of the Heart

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4th wall break I been to paradise the Jacuzzi are phenomenal!!!


Hey Mary,

You were right. Themyscira really is a beautiful place.

When Wonder Woman and I got here for that U.N. thing, all the Amazonians kept asking her why she brought a boy with her. It was kinda freaking me out, but I figured they were just trying to say what they thought of me. I asked her about it just to be sure, and she said that they actually were all able to see through me to…well… ME! She also said that she had known the whole time that I was just a kid, but didn’t want to embarrass me or make me worry that I would lose my spot in the League. I appreciate the thought, but geez I sure would’ve liked a heads up before we got here!

Anyway, I hope you and the fam are ok, and I should be home soon. Remember, if you guys need me, just say the word!


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Dear Toni,

When last I wrote you I was, perhaps, a tad emotional. While it is true that I did have a bit of an adventure, rest assured that the largest part is behind me and I am doing very well, although I will not say that I am in no danger.

I am in Themiscyra now.

They all remind me of our daughters.

I remain,
Your Loving Husband, etc, etc.
John F. Bouchard

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Dear Joe,

Wait! Wait! Ow! Hey! Ouch! I didn’t mean, OW! OH! NO! OWWWWWWWW–*


Adam Carolla

Babs – babe, bring your bathing suit but leave the Birds behind, no prey in Paradise – except me, love, Ivy

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I’ve found Jon. I’ll continue to keep an eye on him, but right now a round of beach volleyball is beginning and I’m a team captain, so I have to go.

Also, don’t ever send me undercover to Themyscira again. This wig itches non-stop and the girdle is chafing me to a ridiculous degree.

Your son,



Batman to Cave,

My research on Themyscira has been successful. I have deduced vulnerabilities in the Amazons combat skills (hand to hand and weapon). For now we can trust them as we trust Diana. But remember you never know when that trust can become a mistake. Place all the data attached to the Paradise Protocol.

Batman Out

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Dear Penguin,
My vacation continues with a trip to the Amazon! This island is full of women with Greek style! My tour guide was Donna Troy, she was showing me some cool stuff like a sport contest, I feel alot safer here then I did at the swamp, can’t wait to see where my journey will continue next!
P.S. I just saw Wonder Woman! How awesome is that?!


Dear Best Friend,

These are some of the most inspiring people I’ve ever met in my life. They don’t even take “skip days” in their workout schedules. My “skip day” turned into “skip months”, this was the inspiration I needed to get back on track.

Artemis is teaching me to shoot an arrow while doing a backflip off of a horse. It looks great when she does it, but I’m going to need a LOT more practice - wish me luck!

P.S. I was thinking… here, “girl talk” is just “talk”. =)


how do I join?

That’s so crash :zap:

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