Will we see Hush in Batwoman?

Last episode of Batwoman we saw Tommy Elliot play the villain and he escaped. He played himself and seems like the old Tommy out of the comics, so will we get a hush later on in the series?! I hope so!

Probably not in Season 1; the character will more than likely return, though, since he’s “back out in the wind” after the Arkham Asylum breakout that happened in “Elseworlds, Part 2” .

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@DigificWriter yea i was thinking at the end of season 1 they should tease him as the villain for season 2.

I hope not. Cw will butcher him.


I could see Hush becoming a woman later on. In the comics he underwent surgery to look like Bruce. If in the show Kate/Batwoman becomes the new object of his vengeance and he does something similar…

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wow that’s a crazy thought