Will we get updates on what will be leaving the service?

I’d like to know what items (specifically comics) will be leaving the service shortly so that you can read them before they disappear. Is there an article or community post that gives these details? Thanks!

I don’t thing anything is leaving before the end of the month if not longer. They said they will post with at least 2 weeks notice anything leaving in the future.

I think the earliest anything will be leaving comics wise is the end of April. At that point they should have hit the 5,000 title limit and they will need to either remove some stuff to make room or stop adding new titles. I think we may see some expiration announcements as soon as the end of March (I would hope) probably in the Watchtower.

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Hi @Batboi! At this time, there is nothing expected to be removed from the service in the foreseeable future. However, anytime anything is added or removed from the service, there will be an article in the News Section as well as a post here in the Community under the Watchtower. We generally make those announcements with enough advance notice so everyone has a chance to read/view them.

Nothing is leaving right now

This streaming site has far too little streaming options & currently too expensive to drop anything.

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