Will we get Smallville and Krypton?

Will we get Smallville and Krypton anytime soon?

If I remember correctly, Krypton will be on this service sometime this year

The first season of Krypton**

When tho. It’s free on my cable box but I was tryna wait till it get here to rewatch it

Krypton was soooo good. I really liked their take on Adam Strange.

All will get on here eventually, they need the contracts with other subscription services to expire first. I think Smallville is with Hulu, so once their contract expires, instead of renewing it, WB will just add here.

Krypton season 1 has been announced already. I expect it to be on the service shortly before season 2 drops this spring.

Most shows don’t go to streaming services until right before or right after the new seasons starts. So I assume Krypton will be coming here around the same time season 2 begins.

I don’t have any updates concerning such for now, @Bradp89, but will let the team know you’re interested in seeing them :slight_smile:

No updates on Krypton? I mean I understand no one has the release date, but the press release that it would be coming to DCU and the trailer featuring it… it is still coming eventually isn’t it?

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It is still eventually coming to the service- just no firm date yet :slight_smile:


Thanks for clarifying @Applejack.

Idk it was coming to this site? That’s awesome!!! Love to have The Batman animated series with Adam West as Mayor & Gershon as Catwoman & I’d be set. Honestly. already am. It would just be a huge bonus. I did all the shows/movies, which I’ve seen a ridiculous amount of times already for a while. Then did community forever. Now I’m on the comics & I can’t stop. There’s so many amazing ones on here. Been strictly comics for like 8-9 days straight. Just jumped back on community today. This site has everything I could possibly want.

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