Will we get our money back if you fold?

So with the shuttering of Vertigo, and the monetary issues D.C. seems to be having. Will we get our year subscription pro rated if you shut down prior to it’s end?

What makes you think that DC is having financial troubles? I’m pretty sure they got rid of Vertigo because they’re rebranding DC comics. Plus, that has nothing to do with DC Universe which is thriving right now.


DC Universe is a desperate thing from DC Comics. And Vertigo isn’t because of money. They’re trying to condense imprints or something like that. It’s been confirmed that all planned Vertigo comics will still be releasing, they just won’t be branded Vertigo.




It’s not a bad question though. DCU hasn’t been a wild success from what I can garner and there’s that discussion about Time-Warner streaming possibly becoming a replacement for DCU. What would happen if they go that direction or just shut it down? I’d assume refunds since they have our account information, but maybe they could give us the same subscription for the new streaming platform?


If DCU becomes part of the WB service, I really hope all the comics get put there too. Comics are the main reason I’m subscribed.


A lot of this is based on wild speculation. I would say wait until you heard something concrete rather than internet rumor. You could always check the Watchtower forum for any information, or, if you had this kind of question, it would be better served in the Support & Feedback forum.


If it does shut down, I doubt they would create a situation where refunds are required. They would probably make purchasing/renewing a subscription impossible after a certain date and then just wait for everyone’s remaining time to run out. Or at least that’s how I would do it, but I’ve also never run a streaming service.


DCU would have to drag me out of their basement before they could shut down, so don’t worry I’ve got this covered.


And I’m chaining myself to iJest!


I don’t think this is a bad topic. Yes, it’s speculation, but I think a lot of people need to vent their fears. This is a GREAT service, and the idea of it going away is very depressing. It’d be nice to know if we’d at least get our remaining months refunded.

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Remember the Chain Gang War ongoing that DC put out in the 90’s? As Troy McClure said “It happened!”


@robthompson.97853, we are not currently having conversations about our process to refund users in the event we fold. This is on account of us not incorporating plans of folding into our future.


@BatWatch We don’t know if it has been a wild success or not, since they don’t release their subscriber info. Comic book rumor sites say it is hanging by a thread, but Forbes says that it has exceeded expectation, which one is more reliable? And even then they are going off rumors and sources because DC doesn’t give them data. It is easy to think that when we see a bunch of post saying negative things, but those are mostly by the same 30 people… DCU has a lot more subs then that, a LOT more or they already would have shut down.

And the rumors of WB streaming folding DCU into that are just speculation. All even the most reliable sites have said (and even then they are going by sources not press releases) is that WB is re-evaulating DC Universe. A lot of equally reliable sources are saying Warner is wanting a more CW like approach to their shows and less pricey alternative type shows. Which would also fall under “re-evaluating”. Re-evaluating could mean dozens of things, yes one of them could be that it is folding into Warner streaming, but are they going to fold Boomerang, HBO, CW Seed, Crunchyroll (which I think they own not sure) and who knows what others into one. Are we sure that rumor isn’t starting in part because people wish for convenience and money reasons it would happen, which is not nessecarily what Warner is keeping in mind.

And keep in mind the service is not set to start now until it looks like sometime in 2020 so 6-9 months or more, when a lot of yearly subscriptions will have run out anyway. They have programming sceduled until early 2020.

I understand why people are worried, but we don’t actually know anything and honestly… a lot of the public has been rooting for DC Universe to fail for some reason so are latching onto the worst case scenarios every time something like this happens. They were the same ones who when Swamp Thing was cut to 10 episodes screamed it was never going to air at all, Titans Season 2, Young Justice second half, Stargirl and Harley Quinn were done because by next week… DCU is down forever.

People need to relax and stop waiting for the worst case scenario. It is too soon to yell the sky is falling just because one show got it’s episodes cut back and didn’t get a second season. That happens on network tv and other streaming services all the time. It is too soon to be jumping to such extreme conclusions.


I largely agree. I’m not stressed about it. I just thought it was an interesting question.

The reason I figure DCU doesn’t have a large instal base is partially because of the community here. It’s pretty small. I’m sure many people have the app and don’t use the forums, but still, I think the fact that you can see the same handful of people in here most of the time is somewhat of an indicator.

Still, I hope it is doing well and I may very well be wrong. I think there’s enough quality content here that it will find an outlet even if things get shuffled around a bit. I’m not concerned.

What Forbes article do you mean? I’d be interested in reading that.

Consider the $8 a month rental fee if this ever does fold. Past months already happened and so there’s no need to pay back everything except latest pay

@DanTheManOne1 as always, I applaud you! Well said!

Can we wait to see what will happen till it happens that would be great.


If you go by downloads, at lease on Android it says 500,000+ so I know you don’t have to subscribe to download and could be free trials, but seems a lot to me.