Will we ever see Batman for real in a DC Universe show?

Considering we never actually get a good look at Batman and he’s probably not showing up in Arrowverse anytime soon, Do u think we’ll actually see Batman in any DC Universe show? As in full body shot and actually dialogue? I hope so one day but I’m not 100% aware of the legal situation surrounding him.


We might in the future


WB is stingy with Batman…But they will let Superman be in everything that onky took them 10 years of Smallville for that though.


WB is convinced that having it’s characters on TV and movies “dilutes the brand” They think people won’t go see the movie if the character is on TV. Batman is a “movie” character. You’ll get mentions and younger versions and shadowy appearances and that’s about it.


We’ll see his back and stuff in Gotham like Titans again. If you’re up for that. Otherwise, no except for animation.

We’ve had 4 seasons of Bruce Wayne growing up into Batman in the show “Gotham” and season 5 just started. Does it really matter if they use the name Batman? He’s the same character, just started out as a child.

Actually Superman appeared in 1 minute of Smallville. And I think it was decided he was a necessity on Supergirl. The long distance shots just came off as weird. However they have announced a storyline keeping him off the show at least for a year. So nothing has really spotlighted Superman since Lois and Clark. And that was before the DCEU launched. It would be really hard doing something with Batman that didn’t spotlight him. The closest thing was how they used him on TITANS. And even in that little bit, he overshadowed just about everything else.

Who knows, maybe with Crisis On Infinite Earths coming next year, something may be done. But they’ve announced in the latest crossover that Batman has been MIA for a few years.

I thought it was very tasteful how they handled Bruce Wayne/Batman

What, his appearance in the pilot of Birds of Prey doesn’t count? :wink: