Will They Be Adding the CW TV Shows?

I have always been interested in getting into those tv shows. Would love it if they got added at some point.


No time soon. They have an amazing deal with Netflix currently.


Darn, would love to see Arrow, and I know I have seen Krypton in their trailers for the streaming service.


krypton is the best

Eventually they will bring them on here, but with Netflix contract and whatnot, it makes it difficult for them to be able to do this. Though if Disney is also removing content from Netflix since they’ve started their own stream service, then it’s only a matter of time before DC/WB start doing it.

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Well as far as Disney I assume their deal ran out and is not renewed. With WB starting their own service plus this one I could see it happening with the CW shows at sdome point, but for all we know the deal is for the life of the shows, or is somehow tied with CW. Although if WB’s service really does plan to make a go of being a competitor to Netflix could see them going there instead of here once they can get them off Netflix. Although would MUCH rather they end up on here.

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According to some of the reporting about the new Warners Streaming service, the Netflix/CW deal only runs through this spring, and WB isn’t interested in renewing the contract.

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I saw that report about it ending in the spring too. I thought they would be best to have the Arrowverse shows on here and the other CW/WB shows on the WB service. That seems most logical, but no announcement has been made.

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Netflix deal ends this spring

I agree with everyone else. I think they will eventually move here along with Gotham.

I thought they would, but word is they will be moving to the new Warner Streaming Service. Granted that is word in one article so would not take it as gospel, but if that service is hoping to compete with Netflix and Hulu like had been reported, then the truth is those would be a very useful addition. Not saying it doesn’t suck for us, but business wise I can’t argue the logic from their point of view.

My argument would be already lack of live action content arrowverse shows would boost DC universe big time WARNER MEDIA has all the HBO shows I get the DC movies might go to Warner media but hope we get DC TV here

Here’s what I think will happen. WB will be launching a 3 tiered service in December. The first tier is reportedly a classic movie channel, similar to Turner Classic Movies. The third tier will be HBO, so the second tier will be everything else. The WB has also said using the service will be seamless, add a level and the content will just be there.

So, I think the DCU will be offered as a stand alone app, but be included as part of the tier 2 option. If they add the CW shows on the DCU this summer/fall, then when they launch the new service in December, they would automatically be there for tier 2 & 3 subscribers. If I’m right about all of this, then everyone wins.

What about those who just want to keep DC universe not pay for something else