Will the NY Comic-Con panels be live on the app?

During yesterday’s dc daily episode, they talked about the new york comic-con this month and there being DC panels and stuff. I’d love for there to be a live stream or something and especially for the future of dc universe service panel


Will probably be on YouTube if not

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Well yeah of course but I just thought it’s be cool to have live streams on here sometimes


Same I hope all the dc panels are on this app would be great news

It would be nice. It would be better if we could ask questions live.

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Yeah. Could be fun to see which of us gets out questions answered

There are likely rights issues involved with live streaming to a subscription site. Whereas YouTube is free and available to anyone, the bulk of the content on DC Universe is only available to paid subscribers, and I would imagine the people that put together the NYCC would feel like they were owed something for showing their content on a subscriber site. Or maybe not - we’ll see. Just my two cents, for what it’s worth. Everybody wants something for their time and effort, and who could blame them?