Will the Joker movie’s success change the direction of the DCEU?

If the Joker movie destroys the box office (like I think it will), what do you think will happen with the DCEU? Will they put Matt Reeves’ Batman in Joker’s universe? Will the Batman and other future movies be in separate worlds/continuities like Joker? Or will they keep trying to make the DCEU work and have a few one shot movies?

I think the second option is most likely. DC’s been finding more success as they care less about making all the movies tie into each other, and a successful Joker will open the door for more canonically independent projects.

Which I’m just fine with, honestly.

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I think it wont have any effect on anything at all. This film is being made with the goal of critical acclaim. Establishing a Universe isn’t part if its mo, it’s not trying to make a billion dollars. Even if they did try to tie it in with Reeves Batman, Joker would be a senior citizen in that film.
Think about films like Falling Down, Taxi Driver, or Natural Born Killers, would it make any sense to launch an action adventure franchise off any of these films? A pure comedy, kids movie, spin-off like Shazam!? No. Not at all.

You all need to start watching films that arent based on pop culture franchises. For the love, please.

“For the love of God, please” is what I meant

I am fine with canonically independent films. Marvel has always been better at world building then DC and so many have tried to create their own cinematic universe and has anyone succeeded since Marvel. The few that might be are things that happened organically. DC is best to have finally stopped trying to copy Marvel and done it’s own thing. They are better at telling good stories then focusing on a concise unified world, they finally have started playing to their strengths and given the success it has brought they are making the right choice. Not saying tie-in’s where it works would be a bad thing for DC movies, but a lot have slowly started to criticize Marvel’s films for largely following the same forumla. DC keeps making quality films breaking that mold and it can only do great things for them.

Will admit though, I got my doubts Joker will be a big hit although given it looks to have a smaller budget then most superhero films they may not be counting on a billion dollar film.