Will the Beast Boy miniseries return to the app?

I was able to read the 4 issue miniseries before it was rotated off the app, and I assumed with the majority of the DC library coming to the app that the issues would return, but I’ve not been able to find them. I found it interesting that the miniseries was available here but not for sale on Comicology. It made me wonder if comics I’ve long wanted to be digitized (like the original Dial H for Hero run from Adventure Comics) could be available to read here despite never being available through Comixology.


I would make a post about it in Community saying that it’s been on the app and should be digitized. It was also released individually and isn’t a best selling trade. So it should be on here.

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There’s probably a licensing issue or possibly a contract dispute involved which may be why its not on ComiXology.