Will Smith Gone

So how does everyone feel about Will Smith’s exit form Suicide Squad 2? I am okay with it, and I think James Gunn will do a tremendous job on the upcoming movie! It would be different if the first movie was an amazing film and Will Smith absolutely blew everyone out of the water, but being honest, personally it was a mediocre film which could’ve been much better. Here is to hoping James Gunn learns from some previous mistakes in this story and takes it to a new level!


I’m ok either way. I thought he was ok. Maybe was a cost cutting choice?

Love Will Smith, but the last movie was so all over the place it didn’t really give the characters a chance to get for me. Really you can replace anyone in the film and I’d be just fine with it. I’m way more stoked that we got James Gunn away from marvel and that I think we are going to have one rad suicide squad movie when it comes out. If I could offer one casting choice. CCH Pounder for Waller that lady is rad I don’t think I’ve ever seen her act in something I didn’t like.


That’s fine. I liked him as Deadshot alot, but if Harley reportedly won’t be in it, then I imagine everyone from the last movie is probably getting a pink slip.

I really hope Viola Davis stays on though.

It’s a bad move by WB, if it’s true. Will Smith’s name on it without a doubt played a big role in Suicide Squad being a big hit.

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Fantastic news!

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I liked him in SS, but feel like Viola Davis is honestly the only one that truly needs to come back. If they bring back Harley, that would be good too. The rest could easily be different characters. Wouldn’t mind seeing Black Manta and Deathstroke this time around!

There is talk that both Harley and Waller will be in the next movie.

I could see it being a cost cutting move, and I could also see it being scheduling – much like Dwayne Johnson, Smith keeps himself busy and maybe WB decided to just stop trying to find a way to fit him in.

I did like Smith as Deadshot, and the nice thing about him is that he’s a good character for cameos and small roles. Maybe they can fit him in The Batman, or the next Harley movie (rumored to be Gotham City Sirens which Ayer is still attached to) or maybe even something like Aquaman 2 or a Wonder Woman 3.

Honestly, I’m glad. I like Will Smith, but he basically played himself pretending to be Deadshot.

Idris Elba in talks for Deadshot. I think he is an excellent choice!