will more animated series and shows be added?

will dc universe add more tv and animated series? i seen that there adding a ton of comics witch is amazing and great, and i’m wondering will they add more tv movies cartoons


Hi @JmexGaming, thanks for the question!
We’ll be adjusting content availability over time, in general, as, like you mentioned, we’re doing with the addition of new comics now, so we’ve been encouraging and taking content requests for specific titles to get a feel for what the community’s interested in. Are there any in particular you’re hoping to see added? :slight_smile:


@missinkblot I’d like HD scans if every comic.maybe a categorical area where you can choose completed storylines. And more animated shows

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I really want the animated Swamp Thing series on DC Universe.

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@MisslnkBlot Gotham would be nice to see on here, when it ends and Arrow