Will Joaquin Phoenix beat Heath Ledger for best joker? I guess we will find out in October Vote 👇

Who will win for best joker?

  1. Joaquin Phoenix
  2. Heath Ledger

Is it really fair to compare two completely different performances, actors, versions, and universes?


No, because it’s not Heath Ledger he has to beat.

Yeah, I said it.


Nicholson for the win!!

  1. Yea I’m going to say Phoenix will probably be better. The trailer looks amazing. But idk, I thought the first real trailer for Justice League (not the CC teaser) looked really good too so, we shall see.

I doubt JP will beat HL, but I’m 99.99% certain he shan’t beat MH.


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I’ve asked this question to a few people who have worked on the movie and they tell me it’s two entirely different characters and no one will give me an answer. They just say you can’t compare the two.

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  1. Because I think this version of The Joker some people can relate to. Hopefully they don’t try to become the Joker themselves. Either way I’m SUPER EXCITED for this movie.
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I didn’t read the leaked script, but I did read a summary of it, and let’s just say that I do NOT have high hopes for this movie.

So I’m going with Heath Ledger. All the way.

Heath Ledger is the Joker. I hope the new movie is a financial and critical flop.

@Mced That’s a horrible thing to wish for a movie as a fan just because you like an actor. And as a fan

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Doesn’t need to beat anyone, needs to nail his version of the character just as Romero, Nicholson, and Ledger did theirs. Which I fully expect him to do. And, never begrudge another person’s success.

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It’s not Phoenix I have a problem with. The director stated it has nothing to do with the comics, and fans are going to be mad. He’s using the Joker name to help at the box office. If you want to make a film about a guy who snaps, dresses like a clown and kills people, knock yourself out. But, dont call it Joker when it has nothing to do with him. It’s like making a film called Harry Potter and it has nothing to do with the source material. I’m tired of Hollywood thinking they know more than the hardworking writers and artists who have built these universes.


What I read was that he said it’s an original story. So it doesn’t follow any comic joker origin, which there isn’t many of. Plus from the trailer, it’s clear it’s in Gotham, even using familiar names and places, eg Arkham. It’s an elseworlds story, so I expect it to be an original take, isn’t that how elseworlds comics are


I’m of two minds on this. As a actor I’ve enjoyed much of Joaquins work. He’s NOT a bad actor and I’m sure he will nail the acting. But on one hand; we don’t really have much live action joker portrayals and because of that I think its really important that what’s made is “canon”. On the other hand though; if it does well maybe they’ll realize that it is a good investment to give fans what they want. I dunno. I’m not happy about it not being “canon” but I’m hoping that it will have a chain reaction and more of the like will get made.

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Mark Hamill

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So for me, the defining character trait of the Joker is his relationship with Batman. Regardless of the time period or style, the Joker I enjoy most has always had a sort of fixation with Batman. I’m interested to see Joaquin Phoenix’s interpretation, and I’m sure he’ll do great, but by virtue of the fact that it is a Joker movie and not a Batman movie, I expect that Heath’s performance will still be on top for me.


Leto is the best Joker

Said nobody ever

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It looks like they’re taking A LOT of inspiration from the Ledger joker (look, make-up, hair) so I gotta give credit to the original

Plus its hard for Joker to be Joker without Batman or a major DC hero to face off with, otherwise he’s just another psycho villain