Will dc ever greenlight a justice league tv show?

I’m wondering with the success of the crossover last year if DC would green light a new tv series based on the aftermath of crisis featuring the justice league,


I don’t know, in terms of arrowverse, the arrowverse league is made of characters that are all ready in their own shows, though I think they will most likely use the leauge in future crossovers, and I think them being part of the league would be a good excuse for them crossing over every year and could possibly affect the story.


I agree. That’s what they would do, as it would be hard to Film a full time show whilst all members had their own shows. I think they will keep it just for the crossovers, as that’s their big event each year and the ratings hit the roof when they do it, it’s something special. which I don’t think would be the case if they did it each week. To would be amazing tho. Another option is if they did a whole separate universe and had it on here and HBO Max, but I think they would want to save it for a later date and have another movie someday after the last movie is forgotten in the public eye.


The shooting schedules would be hell on wheels for the actors. As they would be shooting two shows a year. I think with the concept of Stargirl being on Earth-2 a Justice Society show would work better., and have Star girl make only a few guest star spots.

There is also the SFX budget to consider. It would be quite large to have Supergirl (and maybe MM) flying around, Flash doing super speed, and plenty of arrows, all combined in one show.

Maybe a JSA show shared between HBOMAX and DCU might be the way to do it and have proper budget to do it.