Will Arrow Come to DC When the Show Ends?

Because I would love watch it. Since I never had any means of watching it before this service. I heard it is really good, so I think they should release it on here after the series ends.

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I doubt that it would get released here because Netflix already has the streaming deal but like they did on the early years of forming Dc Universe they might wait until the contract with Netflix is up and the arrow verse comes here.

I read the Netflix streaming deal is going to expire in a couple months so it apparently will be free. BUT while I would not rule out them putting it on DCU, given the Warner Brothers streaming service is on the verge of launching I sadly think if DC/Warner doesn’t license it back to netflix or Amazon/Hulu for a ton of money they will probably put it there. I hope they put it on DCU, but will admit from a business standpoint if they really do want to compete with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc then that would be a hell of an asset to have to put on there.

I think that since Warner Bros. owns both DC and their newest streaming service, they could do both Warner and DCU for Arrow.

Warner media doesn’t need the arrowverse shows let’s be real the DC universe does Warner has so much content outside of DC tv look I understand if Warner media doesn’t give us movies but add cw DC TV shows should be that’s my opinion

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David’s right, WB has a lot of stuff to attract a wide range of fans.

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Probably not right away. I think it is still tied up in the Netflix deal for a while.

I also think WB will focus more on their films and maybe older series that aren’t streaming elsewhere.

I hope so! Arrow is super good! I’m kinda sad it’s ending after the 8th season but I’m also glad because I don’t want it to end up like shows like Supernatural where there’s so many seasons it just got bland and dry and they ran out of ideas.

Ooo! If Warner finally let’s go of DC, then would all of DC films that’s connected with Warner be in here? If so, I vote let go!

I’m waiting patiently for Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, and many others to show up here.