💥 💥 WildStorm Universe Celebrates DC Pride with the DC You Era of Midnighter 💥 💥

Happy Friday and Pride Month, @TheWildstormUniverse!

Whether you know and love him from The Authority and elsewhere within the WildStorm Universe, the New 52 volume of Stormwatch or he’s brand-new to you, Midnighter is a character that knows your every move, knows if you’ve been good or bad and he is most definitely not Santa Claus! :grin:

To celebrate writer Steve Orlando’s run with one of the greatest champions of the WildStorm pantheon (and someone who’s often called the “Batman of WildStorm”), check out whatever you like (be it the entirety or just a few issues, here and there) of his fun-filled, ass-kicking series that debuted as part of the DC You campaign of 2015:

You’re welcome to chit-chat about this series as you like. Are you a Midnighter fan? Do you want to see a Batman and Midnighter team-up at some point?

Enjoy, WildStorm Universe! :wildstorm_universe:


To be clear, are you talking about 1-6 or the whole series?


I’m going to bump this up my to read list. I haven’t always been a Midnighter fan. His and apollo’s early appearances were very derivative, but I hope there’s a Batman & Superman/Midnighter & Apollo crossover

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The whole :fireworks:shebang:fireworks:! :partying_face:

Or an issue or two, here and there.

Whatever floats one’s reading boat. :superman_hv_4:

Actually, there kind of is! There’s the Batman/Superman: Authority Special #1, which is a sort of sequel to Superman & The Authority and part of Phillip Kennedy Johnson’s run on Action Comics, where Batman enlists Superman and his new Authority team, which includes Midnighter and Apollo, on a black ops mission on one of the worlds of the Multiverse trying to invade theirs. I don’t remember how much interactions they all have, but it was a fun story.

And here’s the Superman & The Authority series:

@Vroom did recently cover that story over at his Modern Superman Fan Club:

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Thanks for the clarification. I don’t remember if I read the entire run, so this should be fun to do. :slight_smile:

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Superman and The Authority wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, but too me the authority is quite a bit more than Midnighter and Apollo. Every time regular DC crosses paths with Wildstorm killing is off the table. Even though that’s what Midnighter is good at. I’ll give the Batman book a go just for laughs.


I read Midnighter as it came out, and really liked it.

When the debut DC You titles were announced and I saw Midnighter was among them, it was one of my most-anticipated of the bunch, and it didn’t disappoint.

“Moving on.”

My favorite scene of the series is in Midnighter #10, when Harley sees Midnighter and says “Leatherman!”, followed by Midnighter kicking Parasite in the jaw and saying “Smile, a$$hole.”

Its got Harley, a Superman villain getting trounced by someone other than Superman and Midnighter just casually drops “a$$hole” so well in the process of giving Parasite some amateur dental work that I can’t help but love that scene.

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Its understandable they get the spotlight (much as Superman and Batman do in Justice League titles), but The Authority really does have more to offer than their versions of Superman and Batman.

I’d love to see a Black Label series that mixes regular DC with WildStorm.

We kind of got that in Superman vs. Lobo #3 (not a spoiler), but I want a full-fledged book that is a hard “Mature Readers Only” tale with DC and WildStorm characters.

Maybe Lobo mixed with Global Frequency? :man_shrugging:t2:

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