Wildstorm content is just waiting to be used!

I can’t help but see how much the Wildstorm content is being wasted. There is a whole section of content that DC just ignores. Be it animated or live action. If they new show ideas for DC Universe or even HBO Max gives The Authority as a show. Or WildC.A.T.s or Stormwatch! Just adapt the big story arcs. Go from the beginning and lead up to World’s End.

I also wish it was easier to find all those comics here as well.

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They should definitely animate the Wild Storm Universe. I’m not sure if I would rather week to week episodes (like Harley Quinn) or Animated Movies Series (like the Justice League Movie Sagas).

As long as they don’t try any live action, because sometimes its a hit or miss… or a cancel (bitter about swamp thing).

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I agree. I love the Wildstorm story, especially the later stuff when Millar took over.

Weatherman vs Jackson King was epic.


I 100% agree with every word in this thread.