Why was Vertigo Called "Vertigo"?

Does anyone know why the Vertigo imprint was called “Vertigo”? It’s not mentioned in the Wikipedia article, and Googling “Vertigo comics name origin” doesn’t surface any relevant results. Thanks.


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The imprint was called “Vertigo” because its titles were designed to disorient your sense of what a comic book “should” be, and redefine the rules of the medium. Like when you have actual vertigo and have to rethink which way is up or down.


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True story: U2’s Vertigo was inspired by the comics imprint.*

*this is not a true story

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Thanks for the explanation! You wouldn’t happen to have a source for that, would you? I’d like to add it to the Wikipedia article.

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Well, I heard it was because the person responsible for coming up with the name was suffering from vertigo the day that name was due!*

*I didn’t actually hear this.

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