Why the Impermanent Shelf Life?

I’ve been waiting years for DC to enter the digital comics service fray. I’ve beem a subscriber of their primary competitor’s service for years. But the limitations of the back library and the impermanence of the digital comics is frankly unappealing, especially in light of the magnanimity of the aforementioned competitor in making huge volumes of their back catalog available at all times.


Did you do your research on what this subscription is about? It would have help.


They said at a press demo over the summer that the comics would be rotating. As in, not there for a permanent period of time. Maybe you didn’t do as much research as you think.

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TOP - I knew they’d rotate. I didn’t think it’d be this rapid.

But hey, it’ll lend clarity when it comes time to re-up.

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A video I watched with a rep from DC said that some would be daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly

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