Why the hell cant we watch JL vs The Fatal Five on here?

Whats the deal, gang?

We’ll have Rip Hunter stop by in his time bubble and take you a week in the future.

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It releases on the service on April 16th.


But its advertised for digital dl now. i know when the blueray is out. I can watch it on Google plus, Vudu and Youtube for $22.99 but i cant watch it here?

The animated movies come to the service the same day they are released on blu ray/ dvd. That’s what was said when the service was launched. The Digital pre-releases have nothing to do with the DC Umiverse service. Just exercise a little patience and I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait.

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You can watch it on here on April 16th

As was mentioned by other forum members, indeed, when it comes to this service, you can’t see it until the 16th, @Bo22690.87715, but the Official Trailer is available for viewing, at least.

Please let us know if you have trouble accessing it, and we can have Customer Service help you out!

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