Why the hate for Dr Fate?

Why are there no comics on here for Dr Fate? He’s not even on the list of tags. As one of my favorite heros I am very disappointed. Is there a character you love but is missing on here?


As a Doctor Mid Nite fan and huge fan of a score of other heroes I feel your pain

There’s no hate for him. Part of his ongoing that began in 2015 was on here. As the mods have said, some comics may come and go as things are adjusted in that section. Just need to wait and see what happens.


There aren’t a ton of Doctor Fate comics in general. It’s kind of a bummer. But he’s a major antagonist in Justice League Dark now, and the overall bigger focus on Magic in DC comics might bring us at least a new miniseries (fingers crossed)

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There was a Doctor Fate run on here, I read first two issues but looks like it’s been removed :frowning:

I was going to say Doctor Fate always works well in the Justice Society Comics, but as I look here the Justice Society they have the fairly-recent 2006 run that I greatly enjoyed with those wonderful black covers …I don’t see any Dr. Fate, and he would have looked so good in that gold helmet with that black background!

I read the run of Doctor Fate that was on here, but has since been removed. I liked it, although was bummed they cut off just as they started a new storyline. Doctor Fate in his many incarnations has always been one of my favorites. I particularly liked the JM DeMatheiss (sp?) and Shawn McManus series from (I think) the 80s.

@ Buddy Baker sadly I think that series was complete. Alot of the titles from that period between Convergence and Rebirth were cancelled prematurely due to poor sales. Prez was another really good book that met the same ahem fate.

If you want to read some old Dr. Fate there are a few of his golden age stories in More Fun Comics though be warned the issues are not all presented complete so some of the stories that were originally included are missing. At least one (More Fun#73) does include the Fate story as well as the first appearances of both Aquaman and Green Arrow.

The DC You Doctor Fate series ran for a few more months past the introduction of Rebirth. I don’t think the whole series was here but when and if it returns, seeing it in its entirety would be neat.

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I had that Dr. Fate run in my to-be-read list, and didn’t realize it was gone. They took so many comics away, it’s been impossible to keep track…

Maybe if Dr. Fate was in Teen Titans, he’d have better luck here! :slight_smile:

I just realized the title of this post rhymes…

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I know they don’t even have any phantom stranger or the spectre comics what’s up with that

See comixology unlimited DC

I don’t see any titles for any of those characters on CU either.