Why? Question & Concern!

Why is the comic listing so limited. And more importantly why are issues removed? Had seen a plethora of Green Lantern Blackest Night comics a months or so ago. And now those offerings are nowwhere to be found? Why removed that content? Maybe the better question is why do I continue to pay a subscription when I’ve consumed all you have to offer. I really wanted to support you but when you remove content, well, that really makes me unsupportive!

Sry, was so pleased with your service and what you had accomplished. But I think we might need to start seeing other people. Its you, not me…


Maybe you missed the announcement, but last Friday we found out that the entire DC digital library will be coming to the service this month. The rotating library era is over. Just hold on and you’ll have what you’re looking for.


I ABSOLUTELY missed that. That is welcome news thank you. I loved the service but hated that they would take material away right as I was about to read it lol

Thx again!