Why Polka-Dot Man is DC's Toughest Villain

Who is the most fearsome villain in the DC Universe? Forget the Joker, he’s nothing but a clown. Move over Lex Luthor, you can’t even grow a mullet. Step aside Darkseid, you might be a New God, but you haven’t harnessed the power of polka-dots!

That’s right, we’re talking about Polka-Dot Man. Are you rolling your eyes? Don’t act so smug dear reader, Polka-Dot Man has left Batman cowering in fear. Have you ever scared the Dark Knight? I didn’t think so. With Polka-Dot Man making his cinematic debut this weekend in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad, let’s take a look at his dotted rap sheet.

Dick Grayson was Robin before he became Nightwing, Wally West was Kid Flash before he became Flash, and Abner Krill was Mr. Polka-Dot before he graduated into Polka-Dot Man. That’s right, like most of DC’s epic characters, Polka-Dot Man had to evolve. Mr. Polka-Dot first appeared in Detective Comics #300, which immediately tells you how important he is. This was the 300th issue of Detective Comics, the first title DC ever published!

If you’re a DC UNIVERSE INFINITE member, you could read the issue, and I’d recommend it because I suspect Abner Krill’s polka dot beginnings will surprise you. Let’s start with the cover, which depicts Batman and Robin fleeing in terror as Mr. Polka-Dot shoots his deadly dots at them. “Great Scott! One of the dots on that fantastic criminal’s costume has become a flying saucer! And that other one he ripped off has changed into a flaming sun,” the Dark Knight cries. That’s right, Mr. Polka-Dot can conjure miniature suns! Things are getting crazy, and this is just the cover. Imagine seeing this on the newsstand in 1962.

To learn more about Polka-Dot Man’s evolution into DC’s toughest villain (no joke!), head over to DC Comics!

Are you with us when we say that Polka-Dot Man is tough as nails? Let us know in the comments! :point_down:


Without spoiling anything, I definitely feel he was one of the breakout stars of the movie.


And to think that 13 years ago, he was a lackey for Ledger’s Joker named Thomas Schiff.

Boy, he moved up in the world, didn’t he?

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ok that and the Antman movie how many comic book movies has this guy played different characters in?

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3, by my count:

  • The Dark Knight
  • Ant-Man
  • The Suicide Squad

He was also a guest-star on Gotham.

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so he’s just like collecting superhero rolls for fun now :rofl:

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Who can blame him? I certainly don’t. :slight_smile:

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He was also Abra Kadabra on The Flash, and if you’re counting animated appearances, there’s Calendar Man from The Long Halloween


Any word on if he’s a comics fan, and that’s why he’s taken these roles, or is it just a coinkydink?

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Oh he’s definitely a big fan, so much so that he even wrote his own miniseries for Dark Horse a little while back!


Cool beans! I learned something new today.

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