Why not Powergirl & Superboy on the big screen?

Man Of Steel 2


I think powrgirl would be tricky either in the movies or tv shows, but I can see kon-el very easily in either, it’s already set up on both for him to show up.

Love it make it happen

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Yeah I’d love for them to expand the Superman/Man of Steel universe by adding those characters but if they add superboy it would be great if they included supergirl because the interaction between those two in the new 52 comics and it would be an interesting dynamic to introduce

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Kon-el would be easy seeing as though lex has already started messing with kryptonian DNA with zod being transformed into doomsday.

Not to mention Dylan sprayberry was already young Clark and now looks like he could play Kon easily.

Oh and tactile telekinesis on a teenage clone would be awesome

I’m more into Dave Franco playing Kon-El/Superboy🎈

Or how about Dylan Sprayberry playing the Man Of Steel himself now😎

He is short and still looks way to young, perfect for a cool Kon imo

If these Supergirl movie talks go through, I’d love for them to make the character Power Girl instead. IMO it’s a cooler costume and more distinct from Supes.