Why no Green lantern love

I get the trinity is a big deal mad respect for the big 3 but come on give Green lantern some love! You got Grant Morrison writing it now and Geoff Johns wrote some of his best work doing GL. Why not throw the show back on here see how it trends (it was on and from what I saw doing well until ya know it being gone and all) easily one of the best character as anyone can play the role(s) and have unique and fun stories and visuals just some love is all I ask


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@mocha1369.73407 I feel ya. Since the service started this has been very batman heavy. This service needs to be really neutral as its been a lot of Batman, Superman and Wonder woman comics since the start. We need more love for all characters. Im a big fan of GL, would like to see all the silver/classic comics up to the end of new 52. Thats all I ask, if I dont see something in about a few months I might consider canceling and stick with buying comics from Comixology as Ive been since 4 years ago.

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I agree it has been heavy on Batman and Superman (but DC has always been like that). There really is not much as far as Wonder Woman comics go. Green Lantern has 76 issues for his 1960’s run, whereas WW’s title with the most issues on here is at 17 issues. GL’s had more animated movies than WW and got an animated show where WW has yet to have one. GL is actually really favored by DC especially because of Geoff Johns. Would love to see more GL content. The animated series was great. Last month was Superman heavy because of the Death of Superman movie and Batman heavy because of Batman Day. This month is already showcasing more Titans content. Hopefully we’ll see more characters get in the spotlight from here on out.

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The app did debut on Batman Day, so that might have had a bit to do with why it’s been so Batman heavy.

But yeah, I’d absolutely love to see GL:TAS again and have more GL comics to read outside of the stuff I’ve already read before that’s available now.


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Preach it dude. The Lantern Corps in general are some of my favorite characters in comics. Especially the Blue Lanterns.


Lantern trades are some of the best selling in the last 10 years. They don’t want them on here and there is no upcoming lantern project that they need to promote.


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Been saying this since day one dude I agree. Get GL on here somehow he’s a DC staple.


I hope they start including all the GLs more, not just Hal. Anyways, I’m sure more will come to the DCU as the movie gets closer. I hope they put the CN cartoon on here soon and put up the Englehart/ Statton and Marz/Banks runs up too.


It’s here and it is trending. Keep the momentum up, and maybe we’ll get season 2!